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Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons lead novice ice dance

by Golden Skate

Rachel Parsons and Michael Parsons (Washington FSC) , are currently in the lead after performing both the Blues and Paso Doble pattern dances. Jessica Mancini and Tyler Brooks (Broadmoor SC) are second (24.51), followed by Kaitlin Hawayek (SC of Western New York) and Michael Bramante (Detroit SC) who have 23.79 points.

The Parson siblings displayed a fast and smooth Blues (25 points) with the exception of a small slip by Michael during the second sequence. The team showed more determination in their Pasa Doble which earned 27.36 points and an overall total of 52.36 points.

Mancini and Brooks also had too solid dances and are currently second with a total of 48.68 points.

Hawayek and Bramante are currently third overall with 47.88 points, followed closely by Eliiana Pogrebrinsky and Ross Gudis (47.15).

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