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Ralph and Hill maintain lead in Vancouver

by Rosaleen Kaye

The Original Dance (OD) for both Juniors and Seniors for the 2007-08 season is the Folk-Country dance.

Ralph and Hill maintained the lead after placing first in the OD with 43.75 points (76.01 total). The team performed an African folk dance which contained fantastic synch and expression throughout. Their routine included a good level 4 midline (non-touching) step sequence with perfectly matching twizzles and a fast level 4 rotational lift.

Routhier and Saucke-Lacelle are in second overall with 72.49 points after finishing second in the OD (44.70 points). The team skated close together throughout their OD to Russian Gypsy music, while exhibiting very nice expression and flow throughout. While they received negative Grades of Execution (GOE) on their level 4 midline (non-touching) step sequence for an off synch twizzle, the team otherwise earned a level 4 on their second midline step sequence and both lifts.

Knippel and Britten performed their Russian folk dane to Dark Eyes, staying in character throughout. The team showed good speed on their opening level 4 dance spin, and earned a level 4 on both their lifts. They placed third in the OD with 44.27 points and remain in third overall with 70.16 points.

Stanislavska and Fieldhouse remain in fourth overall (67.19 points), followed by Harvey and Gagnon (66.98 points).

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