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Sweden’s Reitan and Majorov eager for debut

by Judith Dombrowski

Milla Ruud Reitan and Nikolaj Majorov

Milla Ruud Reitan and Nikolaj Majorov

Milla Ruud Reitan and Nikolaj Majorov are eager for debut as a new ice dance team representing Sweden. Two months ago, Majorov announced that he would be switching disciplines from singles to Ice Dance.  Less than a month later, he revealed his new partner, Reitan.

Reitan, 17, is originally from Norway, but competed with a previous partner, Nikita Remeshevskiy, for Germany during the 2021-22 season.

Majorov competed at the 2022 Olympics, two World Championships, two European Championships, and a handful of Challenger Series events at the senior level from 2018-2023. His last international event was the Grand Prix in Espoo, Finland, where he finished sixth.

The new team settled for training in Oberstdorf, Germany, where they are coached by Rostislav Sinicyn. We met the young team there at the end of May after they had trained together for four weeks. They were working on their brand-new Rhythm Dance with Ukrainian coach and choreographer Mariia Tumanovska-Chaika.

Majorov talks about his injury and his last competitive season as a singles skater. The 22-year-old explains what led to the switch and reveals what specifically draws him to the discipline of Ice Dance.

We also get to know Reitan, learn how they both met back in the days in Lulea, Sweden, and how they tried out as an Ice Dance team.

Reitan and Majorov explain how they chose to represent Sweden and what they are currently focusing on in training. Switching disciplines is not an easy task and they discuss the challenges for both of them. In this video, we learn what they value about one another and how they would approach potential difficulties.

Both skaters are eager to compete in the upcoming 2023-24 season and are excited to see where their path leads them as they reveal their long-time goal during this interview.

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