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Ted Barton and Mark Hanretty: Q&A Session

by Paula Slater

Ted Barton and Mark Hanretty Q&A Session

Ted Barton and Mark Hanretty: Q&A Session

Listen in as Ted Barton and Mark Hanretty dive in and respond to figure skating questions from viewers and fans all over the globe in this Q&A session!

Topics include:

  • likes and dislikes about commentating
  • the biggest challenges in commentating
  • what they have learned from each other while commentating together and the difference in their styles
  • what they like most about covering the Junior Grand Prix series
  • the juniors that have impressed them the most from last season
  • what music they would like see performed by juniors
  • what they do in their off-season
  • thoughts on how higher program components appear to be attached to higher scoring jumps (i.e. triple Axels and quad jumps)
  • thoughts on raising the age limits and effects on the skaters’ careers
  • the impact on figure skating when some junior skaters are scoring higher than senior skaters
  • thoughts on the changes to the required pattern dance over the past couple of seasons
  • finding the right skating club
  • what current ice dance teams have the best lift, dance spins and choreo elements
  • why some skaters often pick “warhorse” music
  • what skaters from countries outside “the big four” they are most excited to see develop
  • finding the right partner in pairs and ice dance
  • the emergence of same-sex teams

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