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Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn: Online Interview

by Golden Skate
Barry Mittan

USA's Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn finished in the top 10 at the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships for the second straight year.

The 2003 US National champions in pairs finished in the top 10 at the 2003 World Figure Skating Championships for the second straight year. Scott and Dulebohn train at the University of Delaware rinks where Ludington is the director of skating. “Tiffany and Philip really got their momentum going late in the season and did a great job at Worlds,” he stated.

After seven seasons together, they are hoping to stay eligible until 2006. “I think Tiffany and I have stayed together for almost seven years now because we always set common goals and we’ve spent quite a bit of time together off the ice, especially our first two years as a team,” said Dulebohn.

Tiffany Scott and Philip Dulebohn have emerged over the past three seasons as one of the top U.S. pairs teams with three U.S. silver medals. They were unable to compete at the 2001 Goodwill Games as well as their Grand Prix Series assignments (Skate America and Cup of Russia) after Dulebohn suffered a lower back/left hip stress fracture in August 2001.

Since teaming up in the summer of 1996, Scott and Dulebohn have had progressively more input in designing their own routines. “We aren’t kids anymore, we want to take some of the responsibility off our coach’s shoulders,” Dulebohn explained. “I like telling a story and being a character when I skate,” Scott added.

Scott and Dulebohn are now working with Isabelle Brasseur and Rocky Marvel. Last season, Renee Roca choreographed their long program to Les Miserables. Currently, Lea Ann Miller is choreographing their new short program to Farandole.

Katia: What advice would you give to beginning skaters?

Tiffany: Set goals that are easily attainable. This way you can keep setting new ones :-).

Philip: Just like Tiffany said, set small goals and try to achieve one goal after the next. If you keep this up, you’ll be amazed at the results!

Anonymous: How many hours do you train on-ice and off-ice a week?

Tiffany/Philip: Approximately 13 hours on-ice and 9 hours off-ice.

Anonymous: Male pairs skaters must be strong to do these dangerous lifts. How many hours of weight training does Philip do a week to prepare for all these lifts? Any other training methods/exercise do you do?

Philip: Usually I lift weights 4-5 days a week. I do a lot of abdominal and lower back exercises to keep my center strong for lifts. This gives me a lot of control on the ice during lifts. Tiffany and I also practice all the lifts off the ice before we ever do them in our skates.

Anonymous: You two are beautiful and handsome. Do you get many secret admirers?

Tiffany: Thank you! I haven’t had too many secret admirers (that I know of), so they must still be “secret” if they exist :-).

Philip: Thank you!! I like to think that I have a lot of admirers, but sometimes I’m not so sure.

Anonymous: Who are your favorite eligible skaters in each figure skating discipline?

Tiffany: Michelle Kwan, Ryan Jahnke, Shen and Zhao; not sure on the dance.

Philip: Sasha Cohen, Min Zhang, Sale and Pelletier, and Bourne and Kraatz.

Julie: I really like your skating, especially your short program from last year. I wanted to thank you for the autographed picture you sent me about one year ago. I wish you loads of luck in the future! How long do you think will you remain eligible?

Tiffany/Philip: We are taking things one year at a time, but if we can afford it, we would like to stay eligible until 2006.

Anonymous: What do you want to do as a career after you retire from skating?

Tiffany: I am majoring in Nutrition at the University of Delaware and would like to work with elite athletes.

Philip: After skating, I would like to coach and follow some other business ideas I have.

Anonymous: What are your favorite hobbies?

Tiffany: I enjoy playing tennis, hiking, and doing yard work. I am also trying to learn how to play golf.

Philip: Skiing, biking, and like Tiffany, I am also wanting to learn golf.

Lauren: Do you remember why you got to go to Skate America and Trophee Lalique in 1999?

Tiffany/Philip: We skated in Skate America and Trophee Lalique in 1999 because of an extremely unfortunate accident that Paul Binnebose and Laura Handy sustained. Paul hit his head on the ice during practice and was in very serious condition for a long time. Of course, it was a very exciting opportunity for us at that time and was memorable and fun. However, we were thinking of and skating for our injured teammates.

Kaitie: How did you two become a team?

Tiffany/Philip: Our first coach, Karl Kurtz, knew a coach in Boston (Sheryl Franks) who suggested that we try out together. So I [Tiffany] came to Delaware for a week, tried out with Philip, and decided to try pair skating for the summer. At the end of the summer, I decide to stay and skate in Delaware.

Anonymous: Do you teach skating when you’re not competing/training? If so, what’s your favorite group to teach (i.e. children, competitive skaters, adults)?

Tiffany: I currently teach people ranging in ages from 9 to 18. I enjoy teaching all different ages. I have also worked with the University of Delaware Collegiate Synchronized Skating Team, The Precisionaires, which is very fun!

Philip: My favorite skaters to teach are the ones who strive to improve and put a lot of energy into their skating.

Katia: Could you describe your personal experiences from the Olympics?

Tiffany: It was truly an honor to represent my country in my country at a time when patriotism is so great.

Philip: There were so many things that we experienced that it is hard to put on paper. All I can say is that I felt very honored to represent our country in the games.

Steph: What are your favorite movies?

Tiffany: I don’t have much time to watch movies, but I really liked Autumn in New York and Legally Blonde.

Philip: I like sci-fi movies. All the Star Wars, Men in Black, Austin Powers, and Harry Potter to name a few.

Brittany: Are you currently taking classes or plan to? If so, what degree(s) are you interested in?

Tiffany: I go to the University of Delaware part-time and am majoring in Nutrition.

Philip: I’ve been taking a class here and there just focusing on topics that I’m personally interested in. I’m not sure what degree I would focus on yet.

Becca: How did it feel to finally win Nationals?

Philip: It was very gratifying to finally win the title, but I don’t feel it was the highlight of our career.

Tiffany: I agree with Philip. It was wonderful to achieve one of the goals of my career; however, other times stand out more in my mind. For example, completing our first clean, long program in competition at Skate America in 1999 as well as participating in the opening ceremonies at the 2002 Olympic Games.

Mary: How long does it take for you to agree on the music for your programs?

Tiffany/Philip: Usually, finding a few good pieces of music is hard enough. When we finally have some music we would consider for a program, we always look at it with an open mind and give it a chance before we go onto the next idea.

Elizabeth R.: When you don’t have a “good skate” that you were hoping for, what do you blame it on?

Tiffany: Usually the mistakes made in competition are due to the pressure that I put on myself to be perfect.

Philip: Sometimes nerves, and other times, not being fully prepared.

Timothy C.: I would just like to know if you two are ever going to get engaged?

Tiffany: Yes! My fiancé, Brian Pryor proposed on June 1st. We are going to get married in May 2005. Brian currently works in physical therapy, and is going to go to medical school next year.

Philip: I’m not currently engaged but I do have a girlfriend :-).

Anonymous: What is your favorite sport besides figure skating?

Tiffany: I like a lot of other sports and try to learn a new one each year. This year, I am learning how to play golf. I also enjoy yoga, tennis, and whiffle ball. I enjoy watching hockey, gymnastics, and track.

Philip: In the winter I like to watch bobsled and football. In the summer I like diving and gymnastics. Myself, I enjoy biking when I have time.

Anonymous: What is your favorite music group?

Tiffany: I don’t really have a favorite group but I do like Madonna.

Philip: I don’t have a favorite either because I like so many different types of music.

Michele: How do you like your season so far?

Tiffany: I think that our season went well. We got stronger and more consistent at each competition, ending with our best long program at worlds.

Philip: I feel that Tiffany and I really tried as hard as we could to skate well at each event this year. There were a lot of ups and downs.

Anonymous: What kind of boots and blades do you use? Both use the same or different?

Tiffany: I use Klingbeil boots, and have been using them for 10 years. I also use Wilson Pattern 99 blades.

Philip: Right now, I use Klingbeil boots and Wilson Pattern 99 blades.

Mary: What keeps you motivated?

Tiffany: I am motivated because I love to skate and perform. When an audience is very excited about a performance, it motivates and helps me to perform better. An example of this was at worlds during our long program.

Philip: A personal drive to be the best I can be at what I do.

Cheri: Hello, what do you think it will take to move you onto the World podium? Do you think you are on the right path or do you think real changes are necessary? Good luck!

Tiffany: We have made several changes this summer. We have changed coaches, and are now working with Isabelle Brasseur and Rocky Marvel. We are also working with Lea Ann Miller on our new short program. Philip and I continue to work with our off-ice trainer, Jeff Schneider. We feel that the combination of these coaches will help us achieve the goals that we wish to accomplish.

Philip: Making the podium at Worlds or Olympics is very tough to do. It is hard to say whether or not we are on the right path for a medal at worlds. It is always so unpredictable.

Anonymous: What type of off-ice training program do you follow both on and off season? Please be specific!

Tiffany: During the season, I lift weights and do a lot of cardio sprints. During the off-season, I try to do other sports (yoga, tennis, golf, etc.) that are fun and keep me in shape. I also lift weights in the off-season. All year, I do a lot of abdominal and back strengthening work.

Philip: Throughout the season, I always work out in the gym lifting weights and doing cardio. I also stretch to maintain flexibility. I would like to find time to do a modern dance class and learn Karate in the off season.

Bethany: This is kind of silly but what is your favorite candy?

Tiffany: Gummy watermelon slices!

Philip: Snicker Bars!

Laura: Do you two coach at your rink? If so, how many students do you have?

Tiffany: I have 5 students at the University of Delaware and 5 students at a rink in Lancaster, PA. I also work with a lot of skaters who are visiting for the summer.

Philip: I have about 10 students at various locations.

Chantal: I would like to know how long have you been skating together and also, did you always skate together or with other partners? I would like to know, is it hard to skate close wise, people say that you skate the other side then most of the skaters, it must have been hard to find a skater just skating in the same side like you. Well one thing is for sure, I think that you are a lovely couple and hope that you stay together for a long time because I hope to see you at the Olympics in 2006 and will pray for you both for not to get injuries.

Tiffany: We just finished our 7th season together. I have had no previous partners. The most difficult thing about skating clockwise is in competition warm-ups when we have to go against traffic.

Philip: I had one previous partner before Tiffany. It is difficult for skaters who skate clockwise to fin partners to train with.

Barbara: What is your favorite memory of the recent Olympic Games?

Tiffany: One of my favorite memories is of walking into the opening ceremonies and hearing the crowd go wild at the introduction of the US Team. Another is of the time I spent with my family and friends who came to SLC to support us.

Philip: I have to agree with Tiffany. Walking in the opening ceremonies was one of the highlights for the games.

Jamie: What programs are you developing for next year, and what do you see in the future in terms of your skating?

Tiffany: We are currently working with Leann Miller on our new short to Farandole by Bizet. We will be keeping our long program to Les Miserable, but are also working with Lea Ann and Isabelle on changing and improving this program.

Philip: For the rest of our career in skating, I would like for us to be the best we can possibly be. Basically, to reach our full potential before we finish.

Paula: Thank you very much for taking the time to answer questions from your fans! Is there anything you’d like to add?

Tiffany/Philip: We would just like to thank all of our fans for the tremendous amount of support we have received. It is extremely rewarding to perform for a crowd that is really excited for you and this has been the case many times this year!

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