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  1. BINGWA Geng!
  2. How would you describe an ELITE skater of today?
  3. Can Brandon Mroz achieve big success under the CoP?
  4. Battle of the Blades Guest Judge is None Other Than...
  5. Missing: One pair of figure skates
  6. Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir Interview on CBC Radio Show
  7. Haruka Imai
  8. Mexico's Humberto Contreras Announces Retirement
  9. Weir plans to compete at Sochi Olympics
  10. Medalists in major events for Women- you be the judge
  11. Dube and Davison officially out for the season
  12. Rank the 1 time World or Olympic Champions
  13. GP folder proposal
  14. NBC Showing Ladies (only) LP on TV
  15. American Girls--what's wrong?
  16. Building a knowledgeable audience
  17. The Kerrs Withdraw from Cup of Russia
  18. Alissa Czisny among the notables competing at US Sectionals this week
  19. Kaleidoscope Skating Show
  20. Can You Help Figure Out What To Do???
  21. Mens figure skating- Make your own podiums
  22. Ice dancing- Make your own podiums
  23. comparing Icenetwork and universal sports
  24. Lysacek Nominated for Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year
  25. Short Program Masterpieces
  26. The "Corridor" of Judging - Is there an official explanation of what it is?
  27. Short program masterpieces (Men Edition)
  28. What, besides jumps, varies from competition to competition?
  29. Performance/Execution mark. Should it be changed?
  30. Annual Costs For an Elite-level Figure Skater
  31. Skating with the Stars - Anyone Going to Watch?
  32. Show Me Your Favorite's Perfect Program
  33. Speed
  34. Programs to Different Music!
  35. Favorite Progams of the Season thus far
  36. Reliable Rachael and Reputation
  37. Beginnings
  38. Dancing With The Stars - Anyone Watching???
  39. Choreographers- Go to a former skater or a former dancer?
  40. The Arms Above the Shoulders
  41. TV alert tonight (Canada)
  42. Kanako Murakami Story
  43. My new favorite male skater: Jason Brown
  44. Improv Ice - Anyone Watching????
  45. PC Scores - Are they evenly judged for each skater?
  46. Comparing the Grand Prix with the Worlds
  47. Lloyd Eisler's son Magnus (pic)
  48. Do two still skate as one?
  49. Age-appropriate programs
  50. Butyrskaya vs Suguri
  51. Irina?
  52. New V&M article in the Globe&Mail
  53. Reading protocols
  54. Bleacher report, 25 blooming late athletes
  55. Hersh doesn't like what he's seen so far
  56. The 3 Jump Combo -
  57. Beauty Bonus/ Beauty Points
  58. Crone and Poirier evolve into contenders
  59. Is Russian Men's Figure Skating dead?
  60. Chafik Bessegheir - Potential?
  61. How much should U.S. Nationals count for World team selection?
  62. Kim to skate at 2011 Worlds: Press release
  63. Katia Gordeeva photos from "Unforgettable Moments On Ice 2010"
  64. Rochette to skip figure skating nationals
  65. Adrian Schultheiss and Coach Evgeni Lutkov Separate
  66. New custom title - Suggestions?
  67. The Beginning Moments of a Program
  68. Could Lysacek repeat as Olympic Champion?
  69. What if Fumie had used this program at the 2006 Olympics
  70. Good Article about Torvil and Dean Today
  71. Getting Excited to Move!
  72. article about Tanith and Ben career
  73. PEOPLE: Scott Hamilton Bouncing Back After Brain Surgery, Aneurysm
  74. Is Angela Nikodinov married to Ivan Dinev?
  75. Gregory & Petukhov Announce Vegas Skating Show
  76. Kwan To Headline Rink Opening In Singapore
  77. Acapella Men's - Lady Gaga
  78. Shpilband on V&M's status, S&B's status, the short dance, and D&W's FD.
  79. The Leading Ladies at the forthcoming US Nationals
  80. Moore-Towers and Moscovitch jump into spotlight
  81. Which man will be crowned the 2011 Swedish national champion?
  82. Obscure Pairs Moves that you miss...
  83. How do you penalize falls?
  84. Kwan Elected to Special Olympics Board
  85. Elisabeth Edwards dies at age 61
  86. Lysacek Ventures into Fashion
  87. How strict are judges in lower level events?
  88. I'm employed again!
  89. Grand Prix finals: “major championship” or “who cares?”
  90. Adelina SOTNIKOVA Thread
  91. Why male figure skating has become stale/lackluster – thoughts after seeing the GPF
  92. The ISU "season standings" prize, B events, and the University games
  93. The Pros and Cons of the Management Committee
  94. Should the USFSA give Alissa Czisny a ticket to Worlds after being GPF Champion?
  95. up and comers next season
  96. ALISSA CZISNY Official Thread
  97. Brian Joubert's future
  98. Ballerina Speaks Out
  99. John Zimmerman
  100. Tessa and Scott are back in business
  101. Elena, Anton, Jamie, and David
  102. Ladies - White or Tan Boots?
  103. Peak At Right Time?
  104. Questions as we head into the various nationals.
  105. Who will medal in the ladies event at the Japanese Nationals?
  106. The USA Men at Nats - Which 3 will make the World Team?
  107. ISU posts 2011 World Team Trophy Announcement
  108. Ice Dance, and the upcoming Nats.
  109. Congratulations... Happy Birthday
  110. Stepanova and Bukin: Following a family tradition
  111. NBC Skating Ratings Up From Last Year (From Sports Media Watch)
  112. Will the Zhangs ever win a World title?
  113. PSA seminar on "Skating Skills"
  114. Should Mao take it easy?
  115. Alexander Majorov insults the Swedish federation on Facebook (and later apologizes)
  116. Story on Mao
  117. Please make Worlds Akiko Please!
  118. Adam Rippon's Blog or how his crash with Patrick saved his Skate Canada competition!
  119. Lysacek on "Millionaire"
  120. Base Value on jumps
  121. Ryan Bradley to compete in Nationals?
  122. Rochette wins QMI Athlete of the Year Award
  123. Do you know the way to San Jose?
  124. Who is the front-runner in U.S. ladies?
  125. Those Little Errors in Scoring
  126. Rachael and Patrick at her Debutant Ball
  127. Math problem
  128. Congratulations to Marie-France and Patrice
  129. The Female Pairs Skater
  130. Flutzing
  131. Rochette receives another Athlete of the Year honour
  132. Amanda Evora and Jeremy Barrett are engaged
  133. President Hu's visit -- everybody write to Predident Obama right away!
  134. Irina Slutskaya's triple-triples video
  135. Favorite skates among the ladies this season 2010-2011
  136. Kurt Browning Holiday Festival on Ice
  137. What does NHK stand for?
  138. NBC and Comcast and Socci Olys
  139. To new forum members lyre and Eislady
  140. Miki Ando's quad salchow attempts video
  141. Detroit SC's "Champions Ice Revue" on Jan. 8 (Sat. 6 pm)
  142. Alternative ways to determine Worlds roster
  143. The Quad and The Canadians - P.J. and Elvis
  144. Scoring Without the Judges - Personal methods
  145. New Years Already?
  146. Hallelujah Chorus from Quinhagak, Alaska
  147. Flatt should go to school, her peak is already in the past
  148. Could Kwan in her prime beat a clean Yu Na Kim
  149. The Skater Before
  150. Possible Optimal LP Scores for Top Men
  151. Quads Of The Season
  152. Highest PCS of The Season
  153. Highest LP TES of the season
  154. National Title Records Holders in ALL Disciplines
  155. Highest Total Scores of The Season
  156. Rogozine preps for Canadian Nationals
  157. Ladies in the 80's vs. Today
  158. Skaters' children skating?
  159. Miki Ando's triple-triple combinations video
  160. IJS question: what is a ChSp or ChSt?
  161. Figure Skaters And Other Athletes Receiving AAP Support
  162. An Olympics in 1996 and 2000
  163. Drobiazko & Vanagas skate Torvill & Dean Style
  164. Past Programs that would be competitive today
  165. "Artistic" Performances from known "Technical" Skaters
  166. Evan--Thurman Munson Award
  167. Which Skater will go to the Qualis for Japan?
  168. Video for Lu Chen Viewers (Heartbreaking as it is inspiring).
  169. Tonya Harding reality show pilot
  170. Blades of Passion critiques and improves Carolina Kostner's LP for the season
  171. The new system of allowing 3 skaters to go to Worlds 2012
  172. Johnny Weir Officially Comes Out (in his new book and PEOPLE Magazine)
  173. Kristi Yamaguchi Tweets: Sneak Peek @ New Book
  174. Nasty Car Accident
  175. Jeremy Ten's Ankle Surgery
  176. 9 Nights of Glory
  177. michelle envoy in sinagpore jan 9-15
  178. The Senior "B" Competitions
  179. Farris to debut as senior at U.S. Nationals
  180. Congratulations to Domnina & Kostomarov
  181. Virtue & Moir still undecided about Canadian Nationals
  182. Patrick Chan Article in Maclean's
  183. Cash Incentive For Young Canadian Skaters To Acquire Skills
  184. Rachael Flatt's New SP
  185. Chan To Do Two Quads In His LP At Canadian Nationals
  186. Missing performances are UP!
  187. Alena Leonova's blog in English
  188. Adrian Schultheiss: "You have to dare to dream..."
  189. Rochette named cp female athlete of the year
  190. Gachinski aims to become Russia's next top skater
  191. Yuka Sato: skater, commentator, choreographer, coach
  192. Mao's Brand New Chopin EX at Stars on Ice in Black Dress
  193. I hate the age FIVE...
  194. Broadway music in skating programs this season
  195. Mao Starts New Brand; TV Ratings from Japan Nationals
  196. Lubov Iliushechkina and Nodari Maisuradze change coach
  197. Adrian Schultheiss is uncertain about his future in figure skating
  198. Michelle Attends U.S. State Dinner for China President Hu Jintao
  199. Why don't these jumps matter?
  200. Lady who fell in mall fountain while texting is suing after video goes viral
  201. Johnny Weir says he had an eatting disorder
  202. Jump landings and under-rotation
  203. Anatomy of a quadruple toe loop
  204. Jeremy Abbott tweets about this great article
  205. Salute To American Skating
  206. Sochi Olympic Hats!
  207. 2012 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Championships .....
  208. skaters, cigarettes and stamina
  209. Canada will host 2011 GPF
  210. Spelling and grammar mistakes after not writing here
  211. Evan on winning the USoc Athlete of the Year
  212. Oh, please be Sunny California!
  213. Who Could Be Patrick Chan's Challenger In the Next Couple of Years?
  214. US. Coach of the Year?
  215. Michelle Kwan triple-triples video
  216. College figure skating
  217. Sasha Cohen triple-triples and quad attempts video
  218. Kozuka striving to improve despite recent success
  219. What happened to...?
  220. Changing Your Programs on the Fly in COP and 6.0...Successfully
  221. Thanks GS writers!
  222. 2011 US Ladies World Team: What to expect?
  223. Jeremy's boot?
  224. Weir considering comeback
  225. Mao's Ballet Career
  226. When to Abort Second or Third Jumps?
  227. Ryan Bradley NEEDS a New LP!
  228. The Acting Career
  229. agnes zawadzki reminds me of Tonya Harding
  230. CoP footwork and slow music
  231. How is the Selection Made for Junior Worlds?
  232. Necklace from the Dorothy Hamill Collection
  233. Jason Brown was AMAZING! What was NBC thinking?!
  234. CoP question
  235. why i don't think they will ever put michelle kwan into any hof
  236. US to Apply for Senior B Internationals
  237. Level 4 layback
  238. RISE 1961 A Must See for all Skating Fans
  239. Can someone please tell me where i can watch us nationals?
  240. Miria Nagasu "Un Sospiro"
  241. Comparing Men's Nationals Scores
  242. The Definitive Word from Scott Moir ?
  243. Who fell in love with the Shibutani's? (fan thread)
  244. A letter-writing project for Adrian Schultheiss fans
  245. The Black Swan
  246. Hersh's View On What 2011 Worlds Means For US
  247. Sotnikova on track for Junior Worlds
  248. Close scores in COP
  249. Flesh colored material on costumes. Yay or nay?
  250. Coaches berating their skaters in Kiss N Cry