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2003 Finlandia Trophy: Highlights

Finlandia Trophy is a rather popular fall competition in the friendly city of Helsinki and took place from October 10 to 12. For the first time, it featured all four categories. The pairs discipline is usually left out as Finland doesn’t have a tradition in pair skating. Last year, pairs replaced ice dancing because of a judges’ seminary that was held in Helsinki. This year, the organizers decided to…

Romania’s Gheorghe Chiper Goes His Own Way

Gheorghe Chiper is Romania’s most accomplished figure skater. The five-time national men’s champion finished ninth at this year’s European Championships, the country’s highest finish. He was 15th at the 2001 World Championships and 23rd at the 2002 Olympic Games. In 2002, he also won Crystal Skate and the Golden Spin of Zagreb, and finished second at the Finlandia Trophy.

Chiper began skating when he was four. “It was fate to…

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