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Ponsero hopes for break-through season

Ponsero hopes for break-through season

Yannick Ponsero is one of those talented skaters who have it all, but just needs to put it together to achieve the final break through. Excellent skating skills, beautiful jumps (including arguably the best quadruple toeloop of the current men),…

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2005 World Junior Figure Skating Championships: Men’s Highlights

Nobunari Oda of Japan was the gold medal winner in the men’s event, while France’s Yannick Ponsero won the silver. The bronze went to Sergei Dobrin of Russia.

The men’s event began with the Qualifying Round (QR). The qualifying round did not impact the final score in this event. It’s purpose was to determine which of the 30 (of 40) competitors would proceed to the Short Program.

Short Program

Skating to Played-A-Live…