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Baldé in first after the short

by Rosaleen Kaye

Elladj Baldé (QC) nailed his opening triple Axel-triple toeloop combination with a big smile, but then fell on a triple loop. The 17-year-old, who skated with energy and enthusiasm, otherwise delivered a double Axel, two level 4 spins, and good level 2 serpentine and straightline footwork. He earned 55.58 points for a first place finish.

Sébastien Wolfe (QC) opened his fast and entertaining routine with a triple Lutz-double toeloop combination, but then stepped out of the landing of a triple loop. The 17-year-old recovered to land a double Axel as well as a very good level 4 change combination spin and level 1 straightline footwork sequence. He placed second with 50.42 points.

Andrei Rogozine (CO) came in third with 49.37 points. The 14-year-old landed all his jumps: a triple Lutz-double toeloop combination, triple loop, and double Axel, but struggled with his camel change spin. He otherwise delivered good circular and straightline footwork in his high energy performance to Hava Nagila.

Louis-Philippe Sirois (QC) landed a solid double Axel and triple toeloop, but had a bit of wild leg on the landing of his triple flip in combination with a double toeloop. The 18-year-old also had problems on both of his spins in his otherwise musical performance to Fever, and is currently in fourth place with 48.63 points.

Dave Ferland (QC) is in a close fifth with 48.49 points after his performance to Assassin’s Tango. The 18-year-old landed a triple loop, a triple flip-double toeloop combination, and a double Axel, but was a bit slow on his camel spin which resulted in -.20 GOE.

Paul Poirier (CO) is currently in sixth place (46.63 points), followed by Andrew Lum (BC/YT) who earned 46.15 points.

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