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Pisotta and Stewart win Junior pairs title

by Rosaleen Kaye

Monica Pisotta and Michael Stewart of Central Ontario won the Junior Pairs title, while Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers (SK) and Christi Anne Steele and Adam Johnson (WO) took second and third, respectively.

Lawrence and Swiegers placed first in the long with 84.16 points, but remained in a very close second overall with a total of 129.07 points. The team opened their routine with a pair combination spin and clean side-by-side double Axels, which set the tone for their routine to music from the Rudy soundtrack. The audience was captivated as each element was completed which included a magnificent and true throw triple Lutz, a very good throw triple loop, and two good lifts.

Although there were a couple of small errors, Lawrence and Swiegers’ performance produced the first standing ovation of these championships. The arena was buzzing with excitement and wonder about this team that were virtually unknown until today.

“We knew what we had to do and what we could do and we just wanted to skate our best,” Lawrence later told the press. “We trained really hard all year long.”

Pisotta and Stewart skated with wonderful line and unison, which flowed to the music as it built to a climax in their Turandot routine. After a good double twist, Pisotta had a bit of wild landing on her last jump of the side-by-side double flip-double toeloops. She also pitched forward on the landing of a triple Salchow, but the throw triple toeloop was executed well.

The team from Central Ontario also produced two good lifts, as well as nice level 3 circular footwork, and placed second in the long with 82.51 points. With a total score of 129.13 points, however, they maintained first place overall to win the gold.

“We really enjoyed the skate and the energy of the crowd,” Pisotta said.

Steele and Johnson opened with a good double twist, but both skaters struggled on their two side-by-side jumping elements. Steele also had problems with both of her throw jumps, but the team otherwise showed good interpretation of the flowing music. Every move in their routine to La Vie en Rose was timed beautifully, and they placed third in the long with 75.98 and overall with 120.18 points.

Olivia Jones and Donald Jackson of Quebec placed fourth in the long (71.85 points) and overall (116.04). The team put out an intense performance with excellent interpretation of the music to a Gypsy Passion medley, but they had problems on their double twist and final lift. Jones also feel on a throw triple toeloop and put a hand down on a throw double flip.

Sara Jones and Jeremy Sandor of Quebec placed fifth in the long (69.81 points) and overall (112.98 points). The team skated a fairly clean program with lots of life and energy, but Jones fell on her jump in the side-by-side double Lutz-double toeloops and the pair combination spin didn’t quite take off.

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