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Baldé wins Junior men’s title

by Rosaleen Kaye

Elladj Baldé (QC) won the Junior men’s title by more than 15 points, followed by Paul Poirier (CO), and Dave Ferland (QC) at the 2008 Canadian National Figure Skating Championships.

Baldé showed good expression in his music to a tango, which featured a triple Axel-double toeloop-double toeloop combination, as well as good level 2 circular and straightline footwork. However, the 17-year-old stepped out of his second triple Axel, fell on a triple toeloop (in combination with a triple Lutz), and popped a flip. Despite the errors, he skated with excellent speed and ice coverage, and placed first in the long (109.68 points) and overall (165.26 points).

When asked how he prepared for this competition, Baldé replied: ” Actually, I’ve been working really, really hard on everything. Especially the spins and in between the jumps. We worked really really hard on that. I’m really really happy.”

Poirier, who stood in sixth after the short, placed second in the long (104.15 points) and overall (150.78 points). The 16-year-old showed good transitions, edges, and expression throughout his program, while using his entire body to express the music. He landed a solid triple Lutz-double toeloop combination, but had problems with several other jumps – including a triple Lutz in which he fell. Despite the errors, he produced very good level 3 straightline and circular footwork, as well as three level 4 combination spins.

Poirier, who skated earlier with partner Vanessa Crone in the Senior ice dance division. later admitted to having to conserve energy.

“It’s extremely hard. Especially in the long program when it gets closer to the end and in the last minute. After the Free dance, I made sure I rested and made sure I ate foods to give me energy.”

He still plans to compete in both disciplines next season.

Ferland showed good speed in his Santana routine, which included five good triple jumps, but he turned out the landing of a triple Lutz, hopped out of the landing of a triple flip, and fell on a toepick. The 18-year-old also produced two level 4 spins and placed a close third in the long with 100.22 points. With a total score of 148.71 points, he rose from fifth to third overall.

Andrew Lum (BC/YT), who stood in seventh after the short, placed fourth in the long (99.73 points) and overall (145.88 points). The 18-year-old produced a dynamic routine to music from Cirque de Soleil, which featured four good triple jumps, and level 3 straightline and circular footwork.

Samuel Morais (QC) rose from 14th after the short, to sixth overall (138.01 points) after placing fifth in the long with 94.58 points. The teen, who received a deduction for a time violation, appeared to fight for most of his jumps.

Andrei Rogozine (CO) slipped from third to fifth overall (140.34 points) after placing sixth in the long (90.97 points). Though the 14-year-old made mistakes on several jumps, he otherwise showed good lines and extensions, and skated with good speed.

Louis-Philippe Sirois (QC) slipped from fourth to seventh place overall (137.16 points), while Sébastien Wolfe (QC) fell from second to eighth (133.73 points).

The event continues with the Senior Ladies Long Program.

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