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Virtue and Moir win national title

by Rosaleen Kaye

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir (WO) easily captured their first Senior national title, distancing themselves from the other teams with over 33 points. Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje (NO) captured the silver, while Allie Hann-McCurdy and Michael Coreno (BC/YT) picked up their first Senior national medal – the bronze.

Performing to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Virtue and Moir told the story of young love with the elements seamlessly integrated into the music. Displaying beautiful and silent edges with effortless speed, the reigning silver medalists earned a level 4 on all elements except for a combination dance spin (level 3). Every element received positive GOEs from the judges, with the diagonal and circular footwork receiving +2.00 and +2.17 GOE, respectively.

“We’re extremely thrilled to be Canadian champions,” said Moir. “Our free dance went very well tonight. We’re very happy with all three skates we had this week, and we’re looking to build on this momentum for Four Continents and Worlds.”

Vanessa Crone (17) and Paul Poirier (16) performed to A Los Amigos, which carried a good tango expression throughout the dance. The 2007 Junior champions showed a mature interpretation that belies their young ages, and the program was skated with beautiful lines and matching positions. They received a level 4 on all elements, all of which received positive GOEs, and placed second in the FD with 88.60 points. With a total score of 172.95 points, the 2007 JGP Harghita and Croatia Cup champions rose from fifth after the OD to fourth overall.

Mylene Girard and Liam Dougherty (QC), who were fourth after the OD, placed third in the FD (87.69 points) and fifth overall (172.28 points). The team performed a dramatic dance to music from The Mission soundtrack, which displayed good speed and deep, flowing edges. They earned a level 4 on elements except for a curve lift (level 3) which earned them +0.75 GOEs from the judges.

Weaver and Poje, who were in second after the OD, placed fourth in the FD (87.47 points), but with a total score of 175.61, maintained second overall. The current bronze medalists showed lots of intensity and character in the music Blues For Klook, and skated with good speed and power. The team was awarded a level 4 on elements except for a level 3 dance spin and midline (non-touching) step sequence.

“The free dance was pretty good for us,” said Weaver, “not exactly our best, but we’re definitely proud of what we did. [We’ve come far] since the Grand Prix circuit, and [we’re] just hoping to build off of that through Four Continents and Worlds. We’re really excited.”

Hann-McCurdy and Coreno, who stood in third place after the OD, placed fifth (86.64 points) in the FD and third overall (173.86 points). The team earned a level 4 on all elements except their footwork and dance spin. Their routine to Rhapsody in Blue was performed with speed, lightness and fun, and the crowd clearly enjoyed it.

“One of our goals was to be Canadian medalists,” said Coreno, “and tonight, the way we skate… when we finished we saw people standing – that’s never happened before. I think that was one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen so far in my career.”

“We’re going to our first worlds,” added Hann-McCurdy. “It’s a good thing for us and hopefully we’ll be even better next year.”

Siobhan Karam and Kevin O’Keefe (EO) finished in sixth place overall (167.26 points), followed by Mylene Lamoureux and Michael Mee (QC) who had 160.91 points.

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