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Carolina Kostner: A New Chapter

by Judith Dombrowski
Solene Mathieu

Carolina Kostner and Yuma Kagiyama

Italy’s Carolina Kostner stands alongside Japan’s Yuma Kagiyama who took gold in his first event of the season at 2023 Lombardia Trophy.

Carolina Kostner: A New Chapter

We had the opportunity to catch up with Carolina Kostner following Yuma Kagiyama’s triumphant free skate performance at 2023 Lombardia Trophy earlier this month. Kostner is the 2012 World Champion and five-time European Champion boasts an impressive list of achievements. She also clinched the Olympic Bronze medal in 2014 and had a remarkable career spanning 15 years, from her debut season in 2002-03 to her final senior season in 2017-18.

Hailing from South Tirol, Italy, this 36-year-old athlete was renowned for her exceptional musicality and superb skating skills during her competitive years. She remains an inspirational figure for many young skaters due to her enduring career.

In recent years, Kostner has taken a more subdued role, participating in a few shows and contributing behind the scenes within the Italian Federation. She has rediscovered her love for the sport from a new perspective and acknowledges that skating has always been her calling: “I didn’t choose skating; skating chose me!” However, she now relishes the extra free time she has gained to savor her personal life.

Kostner was spotted in a new role as she stood alongside Yuma Kagiyama’s father, Masakazu, coaching the 2022 Olympic silver medalist from Japan. Originally brought in to assist with choreography, Kagiyama enjoyed working with Kostner so much that he included her as a permanent member of his coaching team.

In this interview, she shared insights into her initial coaching experiences, described their communication dynamics, discussed their envisioned future partnership, and explored Kagiyama’s prospects for the upcoming season.

Moreover, we took a moment to reflect on Kostner’s illustrious career, seeking her advice for the younger generation of skaters and learning how she overcame numerous injuries and setbacks throughout her journey.

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