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Fear and Gibson have “Sweet Dreams” for 2023-24

by Ted Flett

Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson

Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson

In this interview, 2023 European silver medalists Lilah Fear and Lewis Gibson of Great Britain discuss the challenge in selecting 80s rhythm dance music, their new “Rocky” free dance, what they learned from touring with Fantasy on Ice, the strategy of back-to-back Challenger series (Nebelhorn and Nepela) for energy management, and more!

Coming off their break-through 2022-23 season, the five-time British national champions talk to Ted Flett as they prepare to depart to Germany for their first international competition of the 2023-24 figure skating season — Nebelhorn Trophy.

Reflecting on the 2023 World Championships and their exhilarating performances, the duo also elaborates on seizing the opportunity to enter the upper echelons of the sport following the post-Olympic retirements. Gibson also gushes over the opportunity to work with his childhood idol, Johnny Weir, in Fantasy on Ice, while Fear mentions Yuzuru Hanyu.

In approaching their 80s rhythm dance, the team wanted demanding choreography to grow as competitors and performers, thus choosing “Sweet Dreams” which conveys “sensuality and attack.”

Lilah and Lewis also emote over their new “Rocky” free dance. “This is my favorite program we’ve done,” said Fear. “We were drawn to the story, full stop, because it is one of empowerment, finding your inner strength, overcoming adversity and triumph within yourself no matter what that looks like. And it’s so well known. To be able to tell that story on the ice, it’s something that we connect to as humans.”

“It’s that underdog story that people just absolutely cling to in life,” Lewis added. “I think for us, we can relate to that a little bit.”

Fear and Gibson also share their goals for the coming season, including qualifying for the Grand Prix Final and stepping onto the world podium. To catapult them there, the team discusses the comfort of returning to Skate Canada and NHK Trophy.

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