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Thread: Those Beautiful Guys at Euros

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    Those Beautiful Guys at Euros

    My prediction that 3 European men would stand on the podium at the Olys and Worlds. Yet Buttle (Olys) and Lysacek (Worlds) sneaked in there. ANYWAY if's 2007 Euros and HERE THEY COME:

    Stephane LAMBIEL
    Brian JOUBERT
    Kevin v.d. PERREN
    Stefan LINDEMANN
    Sergei VORONOV
    Tomas VERNER
    Yannick PONSERO
    Silvio SMALLUN
    Sergei DAVYDOV
    Roman SEROV
    Gheorghe CHIPER
    Alexander USPENSKI
    Samuel CONTESTI
    Peter LIEBERS
    Andrei GRIAZEV
    Ilia KLIMKIN
    Sergei DOBRIN
    Gregor URBAS

    Are you impressed with this Field? Whoever the podium brings in, will they also podium at the 2007 Worlds? I think a Japanese skater will sneak in the Worlds. But, hey, let's watch these guys before making any rash predictions.


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    Lambiel, Joubert, and KDVP are mine.

    Seriously, I hope Joubert wins a world title soon. He's had silver twice and I would argue that he should have won in Dortmund. Of course, there are a few other people who I would like to see win a world title, too.

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    It seems likely that Lambiel and Joubert will be on next Europeans podium, but who might be the third skater... LOL, so difficult to predict as Plushenko is not competing. My personal wish for the third skater would be Preaubert, Uspenski or Verner, and I very much hope that Lambiel is the winner.

    About next Olympics I believe that Lysacek will be on the podium, and hope that Weir also will be (if he really concentrates on skating and has less distractions). Lambiel and Joubert are other possible choices.

    Next Worlds: Lambiel, Joubert and Lysacek.
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    The 2010 Olympics will be held here in Vancouver/Whistler, BC. Therefore, I predict that one of our Canadian male skaters will be standing on the podium. Let's at least give our guys on this side of the world a chance......Yikes.

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