On another forum (which I only read but not participate in), some ladies are complaining about not being asked to dance and are wondering why.

Well, lessee.....
Yesterday (Friday night), I went, as is my wont, to what may be this states' largest night club for 'ladies' night'.
I tend to get there right around 9 - 9.15 pm, which is when things tend to pick up somewhat and the 'crowd' (such as it were) starts to filter in.
Finding the 70's/80's section deserted, the karaoke lounge ditto and the hip-hop/top 40 area still closed off, I made a quick round of the main section (country), got me a brew from my favorite (= the friendliest) bartenderette and take in the antics on the dance floor for a spell.
There's one couple (obviously leftovers from the 5-9 pm dance club session who know what they're doing, but their moves are only possible on wide open, virtually empty dance floors, not suitable for social dancing.
The rest of them....well, you know......
One lady catches my eye, she's with a group of friends (attractive ladies are NEVER alone), which intimidates many guys, but I don't care if she's with a whole tribe, I'll ask her anyway.
Just as I get there, the diminutive waitress literally sneaks in under me, sets down a round of drinks in front of the ladies.
No problem, I just kind of maneuver around the li'l munchkin and ask away.
The lady says she's going to go dance with the guy who sent over the drinks.
Turns out he's old enough to be her grandpa......
But he's tall, ladies like that more than anything.
Number 2 says (with an accent, they mighta just drove into Noo from Ole Mehico) 'not yet', so I ask - with a smile, naturally - if she hasn't had enough to drink yet (it's a good natured joke, you see....), and I just get a vacuous look.
No comprende?
Who knows.
Number 3 is here with her football player boyfriend (I'm a skater, I can take him.... , but she doesn't want me to.....).
I get me another brewski, the bartenderette asks me if I've danced yet, I reply truthfully in the negative, and tell her (jokingly) that I'm waiting for her to come out from behind the bar.
She says 'ok' with the prerequisite smile (she is a bartenderette, after all), and acts like she's coming, I just say 'let's go', knowing she can't without getting fired.
Number 4 is sitting off to the side with her friend (NEVER alone, remember...?), and when I ask her if she's hiding on purpose or would like to go dance, I just get a freaky stare.
Angel dust?
Straight up coke?
No se.
I take a little stroll around the place, hip-hop land is still dead (but the fog machine is now IN THE HOUSE), karaoke is just the staff entertaining themselves (Friday nite ladies nite, remember?).
In the dinosaur, erm, 70's/80's area, there's a circus tent dancing with a hippo.
Femme on femme action, a true Albuquerque couple.
They're alone in there.
More power to them.
Number 5 looks like my speed, but upon my asking, she points to a fellow who was alive when Roosevelt was president (Teddy, that is....) and says 'I'm with him'.
She's maybe a day over 21 (and has a friend with her also, of course).

At that point, I am once again VERY happy I have a membership card to a dance club that allows me to get into the place free of charge, because I would feel unbelievably ripped off if I had to pay for anything other than my $ 1.00 beer (complete with $ 1.00 tip for the bartenderette).

Now, in terms of crowd (or lack thereof), yesterday was really, really lame, but this is frighteningly representative of what the 'bar scene' is like for straight white guys who don't do drugs (= 3 strikes....).

So the next time a lady wants to know why no one asks her to dance, just print this out and show her.