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Thread: Favorite Black and White Movies

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    rGirl - After reading your piece on Jules et Jim, I would insist that you get it published. It is brilliant. You're up there with Pauline Kael and Citizen Kane.

    I am now going to rent it and have a new look at Jules et Jim. sub-titles don't really bother me if the movie is good. And those 'foreign films' of the fifties were special. Nights of Cabiria was another great one. I could go on.


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    I have quite a collection of classic movie videos. My favorites are:

    1. Philadelphia Story

    2. The Best Years of our Lives

    3. Laura and another Gene Tierney movie, Leave Her to Heaven

    4. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington

    5. Harvey

    6. To Kill a Mockingbird (which also happens to be one of my favorite books of all time)

    7. Gone With the Wind

    8. Casablanca

    9. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (which is one of the few comedies that Alfred Hitchcock made--it has Carole Lombard in it)

    10. The Maltese Falcon

    11. My Man Godfrey

    A good place to order videos and DVD's of classic movies is Critic's Choice. They have a lot available and the prices are not bad. I also have many of the old musicals, which I love too.

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    I like anything with Barbra Stanwyck in it. She was a good actress.

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    After a weekend of watching TV and rearranging my video collection, I have four more favorite B&W films to add to my list(s).

    The Mortal Storm – 1940 – Margaret Sullavan, James Stewart
    Keeper of the Flame – 1942 – Katharine Hepburn, Spencer Tracy
    Experiment in Terror – 1962 – Glenn Ford, Lee Remick, Stefanie Powers, Ross Martin
    On The Beach – 1959 – Gregory Peck, Ava Gardner, Fred Astaire (If anyone lived in the Chicago area in 1959 and saw this film, they would understand why Da Mayor's stunt of setting off the air-raid sirens when the Sox won the pennant brought a whole new meaning to 'duck and cover'.)

    And again: those who have cable or satellite, TCM and AMC does show B&W and yes, silent films too, you just have to watch for them. PBS is another source although not as much selection today as 20 years ago, course that maybe due to the local PSB channel. If I remember correctly, and that could be debatable, WTTW is more innovative and progressive than KERA.

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    Re: Shows

    Originally posted by serenity
    Cary Grant, Jimmy Stewart and Dean Jones.
    How cool that we are still watching and talking about when shows are actually funny and silly without including sex, swearing and violence. Do you ever notice their flow of speech was different back then. They were not in such a hurry to get done with their lines or were they rushed to get a show done. I can watch them without rewinding because their words were clear
    and not to fast

    ITA!!!! I love that they enunciate and take their jobs seriously... they didn't get paid for just that movie... they got paid by the film company for being an actor... and so they didn't just blow a scene...

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    Two more I thought of that aren't well known but are wonderful movies:
    "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" -- sounds like a thriller but is a wonderful story about a family and a teenager growing through that awkward stage.
    "The World of Henry Orient"-- One of Peter Sellers best performances, IMO. Two adolescent girls have a "crush" on concert pianist Henry Orient (Sellers) and go through great adventure to try to get him to sign their albums. But the depth of the film is in the family lives of these girls. Angela Lansbury plays the cold but beautiful mother of one and when the "denoument" occurs, it's quite heartbreaking and though a surprise, makes complete sense.

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