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    Well, 25 000 out of the entire population of Austria. That's actually good news in my opinion. Some so-called celebreties had more people to their funerals.

    Right-wing populist is bad enough. You speak of "Nationalism" and "Patriotism". I never considered those two the same, I always thought that a Patriot loves and is proud of her / his country, and that a Nationalist is someone, who only cares about his / her country with a very narrow-minded view of the World. I for example consider myself a Patriot, but I the most conservative I ever voted was for the social democrats and I still believe in the Unity of Europe.

    That one you have to explain to me. What exactly is "traditional Germanic culture"? Because I went to a very German school in a very wealthy rural German region with lots of very German pupils and teachers, nothing multicultural whatsoever - and I have never heard of "traditional Germanic culture".

    I don't even doubt that he could be charming, that he was a nice guy to talk to. My radical Christian relatives are also nice people, great to talk to. But their opinions, and that would have perhaps been the same case if I had known Haider, will always cast a huge shadow on everything they do, they say and they are - and on how I see them and their characters.

    In Haider's case I am talking like an immense shadow:
    Well, if I said I agreed with Haider for the most part would I be considered Anti-Democratic? You have every right to vote for which parties and which candidates you seem best to represent your views. That is Democracy, though I may have some less than positive views on Democracy as we know it as. I am just tired of being called a "Nazi" for my views. Strache has some Neo-Nazi supporters but I don't consider their senseless violence an answer to the problems Austrian society faces. I don't condone senseless violence against foreigners. There are humane ways to handle demographic issues.

    I would prefer not to discuss such a potent subject in the open but since I had opened this thread and made my views public I bear the responsibility to "justify" my views. My idea of "traditional Germanic culture" is the preservation of Germanic cultures and values, exactly what it is. None of this 'multi-culti' bull-****, let's all hold hands and sing "Kombaya". It is not a natural phenomenon to have "anti-racism", "affirmative action" and "positive discrimination" laws. I support the abolition of those dangerous establishments.

    I can understand your idea of Patriotism. I am both a Patriot and a Nationalist but I am not chauvinistic towards other cultures. I feel very close to Bavarian culture and by my boyfriend, Flemish culture which has elements of Dutch and French culture, yet it is it's own but the Flemish people have both Dutch and French names, just look at the names of some of the Vlaams Belang members; Frank Vanhecke (Dutch), Filip Dewinter (Dutch), Marie-Rose Morel (French). I also have some Eastern-European friends, who came from the former Yugoslavia to Austria. They are good people and I consider them Austrian. I just don't want Sharia law in my country or any Muslims in any governing positions. They are incompatible with our culture and we must remember our history with them. It's a government sponsored invasion this time however. I should know this as I see dead-beat Turks every day when I am in Austria. It's uncomfortable and alien for me, seeing women in veils. I don't want this to remain.

    Concerning the Flemish, Dewinter has a great 70-point plan.
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