UniversalSports.com will have on-demand coverage of the 2010 European Championships, Jan 19-23.

Please find the below schedule, but also note that these are the EARLIEST times that the coverage will be provided, but most likely it will be archived at a later time that day (making it same delay, on demand coverage):

Jan 19- Pairs Short: 12:20PM-4:05PM ET

Jan 20- Men's Short (Part 1): 4:00AM-7:00AM ET
- Men's Short (Part 2): 12:20PM- 4:05PM ET
- Pairs Free & Awards: 1:30PM- 4:25PM ET

Jan 21- Ice Dance: 6:00AM-10:20AM ET
- Men's Free & Awards : 1:15PM- 4:25PM ET

Jan 22- Ladies Short (Part 1): 3:00AM-6:15AM ET
- Ladies Short (Part 2): 6:35AM- 9:55AM ET
- Ice Dance Free & Awards: 1:00PM-3:40PM ET

Jan 23- Ladies Free & Awards: 8:00AM-11:05AM ET

** Archived video available here