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Thread: Famous Olympic Flame Carriers

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    Famous Olympic Flame Carriers

    The Olympic flame travelled 48,000 km across Canada to VAN. Famous skaters that I know carried the flame include

    a) Barbara Ann Scott (into the House of Commonds in Ottawa)
    b) Yuna Kim in Hamilton (you din't know she was Canadian did you
    c) Karen Magnessn in VAN (thank you Ladskater)
    d) Jeff Buttle
    e) Kurt browning outside Toronto
    f) Victor Kraatz in VAN (thank you Ladskatter)

    Does anyone know if Brian Orseer, Don Jackson, or anyone else carried the flame?

    I am sure that Sale and Pelletier will carreir the torch, perhaps into the stadium?

    Do you think a skater will light the cauldron?

    southwest wind

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    Here's a list of all Canadian former Olympians who carried it.

    Brian Orser carried it (Pickering). Other notable skaters: Isabelle Brasseur, Josee Chouinard, Tracy Wilson,... and some other Canadian champions who weren't world-stage stars.

    Jamie & David are suspisciously absent from the list which makes me think we'll see them tonight in the Opening ceremonies. I think the rumour that Bettty Fox (Terry Fox's mother) will light the cauldron is very possible. I see it being handed to her by one of our sporting heroes and her lighting it.
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