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    I read Mao's books

    This is written by a journalist, not Mao herself.

    My favorite episodes:

    Mao is good at forgetting everything, both good and bad. When the interviewer wants to get the stories of the past season, for example, Mao often mixes up past comp results and asks "Where did I place at that comp?" "Which jumps did I fail?"

    - I think this an amazing asset for coping with daily stress and psychological trauma if any! Good for her!

    It seems to have been her mom and others in the Mao side who decided to split with RA in 2007/2008 after their trust in RA was shaken when RA cancelled the trip to Japan/Korea saying that he could not take the responsibility after having not seen her for a while. Then they tried to bring TAT in as a coach going to the Worlds, but Mao twisted her ankle. This made it impossible to go to Russia to train with her in time.

    Mao kept this injury as secret as possible. The news of injury per se kind of came out, which was unusual for them. But the Mao side still tried to make it sound as if it had been much better than it actually had been and emphasized that it would not affect the comp. She does not want to talk about such concerns before the comps, not only because she does not want to sound like making excuses, but also because she herself would start feeling negatively if she talks about concerns. She just says she is in a good condition and fine.

    "Asada Mao 17" & "- 18"
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