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    Quote Originally Posted by gmyers View Post
    "Yes, if you make a mistake on it, it is very anticlimactic and disappointing and it became a test of mental toughness," Chan told the press. "I used to say that it was not necessary, but now that I have experience from both sides, I better understand what the others have been saying before. I do not care how many points it is worth, it is just so great to do it. It's a blast! The build up to the jump, the intensity... and if you succeed you feel so great. I think Nobunari sees it this way too."

    I think this is where it was from but maybe I got his statement and a statement about what he said confused. oops if that was the case.
    From the same linked article:

    "It was great," said Chan at the press conference. "I am very happy and proud that I stayed on my feet. "For me it does not happen often, especially this season," he joked. "I worked a lot on my focus and I was able to skate well, so I am proud of myself."
    That's pretty self mocking instead of arrogant. And this is verifiable with the press conference video.

    I don't perceive any arrogance or disrespect for anybody in this video and I think he carried himself well there.
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