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Hi, everyone! It's great that there is such forum which unites people around the world with the same interest, figure skating..It'll be great, I think, if we could know more about the members, old and new, of this forum
That's why I'd like you to tell just some info about yourself)) Like some kind of introduction=))))It is great if you can share your photo!
Answer some of these questions:
1)What's ur name?
3)Where are you from?
4)Who is your fav skater?))
5)When did you start watching fs?
6)What are your hobbies?

Just share some facts about you!That'll be awesome)) I really want to know smth about people here)))

Let's start with me!
2) 22
4) I think I started watching fs because of Plush/Yag..Right now I'm a fan of young promising russian juniors)
6)I looove painting - my father is an artist) And I'm absolutely bad on my skates Eeverytime I go to rink, I say it's my 1st time

And photo...
Here you can have a look)
Looking forward to seeing your replies!=)
Aww! You're so pretty, Vika!