I had a migraine from no sleep, barely ate. Tomorrow I am going to a community nutcracker at our theatre, and it will not be a great orchestra, but Boston's new pro is 336 for top tix don to ? the boonies. No one to go with there. I avoided blACK FRIDAY AND HOPE ALL sorry caps got stuck..and hope all will go greeen, regift, support american goods whenever possible and American crafters which are nearly extinct. May God help all those still in a mess with Sandy, and may your one gift be to red cross. I am sure everyone knows (or is) someone with everything. I'll bet they'd be touched to have a red cross gift in their name, or Heiffer project. I am behind in NHK and will head over there to see who is worth watching-who is winning. I hope Mirai is good. No sleep is a horrible thing.

Great Dog show on NBC-so nice NOT TO see footballpro, college, ANY. Sorry, I wwish there were better sports ALWAYS on TV like skating. I feel so gyped every mo with cable bill

Here is my made up one dish recipe good for two, or alone or to bring to someone who you know isn't gonna have a real bird and 5 side dishes.

I get ground turkey, pepperidge farm stuffing onions, and wholeberry cranberry sauce. I make it like a meatloaf, and put in loaf pan. It has all the flavors of the best of the dinner-stuffing, turkey, cranberries. Then if you want you can make a side of mashed potatoes, or squash etc. frozen, boxed or fresh. It is easy for elders and disabled, and it is delicious, better than regular meatloaf and less fat than hamburg meat. And you can easily bring the loaf and let the person or elder decide on their favorite side to have. Lots of older/sick people don't eat a ton. The leftovers heated up make a great sandwich, though the stuffing is already plenty of carbs. I also invented a lamb/liver loaf with bacon, but that is not everyone's favorite. I prefer meatloaf in glass or pyrex loaf bans, but you can do this is the dollar aluminum pans and just forget about needing to pick up a dish that is expensive these days(what sin't).

Well, I love turkey, and I didn't eat much. Maybe at Christmastime. We'll see. I think roasted turkey is so delicious. Sounds like some great meals were had at Doris' house. Gee, who's coming for Christmas, LOL?