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Unless she bombs at Worlds this year, she's going to skip Korean Nationals next year, just like she did in her senior years 2007 to 2011 when she medalled every year at Worlds. Furthermore, her management has already stated she will participate in the Grand Prix series this year leading up to the Olympics. However, Korean Nationals and 4CC are very close to the Olympics so she may skip them altogether as she did before Vancouver in order to allow maximum time to focus on the Olympics.

Also, there's no guarantee she'll continue to live in Korea after Worlds. She planned her training in Korea for this season, but in her recent interviews she explicitly acknowledged she may need to move and train abroad next season with a foreign coach. (We won't know the exact details until after Worlds.)

So far, the only competitions we know she's got since her break are:

  • NRW Trophy
  • Korean Nationals
  • World Championships
  • Grand Prix 1
  • Grand Prix 2
  • Grand Prix Final
  • Sochi Winter Olympics

No other competitions have been announced by her management team, though of course they can change their mind.
Thanks for the update on Yu Na, I am happy to see her deciding to take a more active role in the upcoming season and enter the GP series. It will surely make the competition more interesting to watch and exciting as well.