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Thread: Movies That Disappointed You.....

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    Originally posted by berthes ghost
    Exactly what I said, we are in complete agreement. If one is looking for a movie about what gay men dying of AIDS go through and how they might have a cathartic change, this is not the movie to see. It's all about Joe Miller. Andy was just a plot device to trigger Miller's change.

    You didn't read what I said. It was quite clear at the begining of the movie and even at the start of the trial that Miller was a bad lawyer. It was only during the trial that he learned a thing or two and got his act together, but through most of the trial they seemed destined to fail.
    :o Oh jeeze...I definitely did not read your post well! I just got overly defensive because it looked like someone didn't like the same things I do! (My tragic flaw )

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    don't kill me


    I loved the book so much and cried my eyes out and was really looking forward to the movie. I think I didn't like the casting in the movie and it ruined it for me. I fell asleep half way through.


    I didn't think it was funny. All the hype had me expecting a lot more.


    Same problem.

    PS --
    I thought these were excellent movies -A BEAUTIFUL MIND, HOUSE OF SAND AND FOG (very depressing), FARGO (sick because its based on a true story) and MOONSTRUCK (I don't know why, I just love this movie).

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    Titanic was a big disappointment to me also.

    Artificial Intelligence. Started out good and really eerie but got stupid about halfway through.

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    The Piano
    The English Patient

    I will admit that both were well done, but moved me NOT!

    I also thought Forrest Gump was simply good, not great.

    I did not care for The Matrix aside from the cool special effects.

    Oh, one more dissapointment, "Howard's End" and usually I love that type of movie...(my husband calls it Howards Endless)


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    The Piano, The English Patient, and Howards End are some of my favorite movies of all time.. I thought they were wonderful period pieces.. The Piano's acting by Holly Hunter was brilliant and I loved the blue gloominess of the film.. It was like Picasso's blue period to me.. Juliette Binouch (spelling?), Ralph Finese, and Kristin Scott Thomas were magnificent in The English Patient.. It is one of my favorite love stories. It's also one of the few movies I can watch over and over again and still cry everytime.. Yes, Howards End is alittle slow at times, but the period landscape, dress, and mannerisms were excellently brought to the movie. It is the movie that made Emma Thompson a star.. Although, she could have won the oscar for The Remains of the Day With Anthony Hopkins, Emma Thompson, Venessa Redgrave, and Helen Boham Carter all in the same film you cant go wrong!!! All these movies are in my DVD collection.. Peace

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