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I was talking about all rumours he and his wife were spreading after his Olympic fiasco. Like he wanted to withdraw but no one knew where Kovtun was, his phone was turned of and all that stuff.
You don't want to write but read, please! Rumours??? I wonder that you don't know these infromations... . They said what they knew from Mutko, Piseev, and Gorshkov....easy to condemn someone if not known all factors. Can you show me other "rumours"? You know I really believe Plushy was the sacrificial lamb instead of the Russian hockey team fiasco.




and I recommended you whitebamboo's analysis..i do again http://evgeni-plushenko.com/forum/vi...t=354&start=20

interesting details:
Evgeni Plushenko led the ranking of the most talked about athletes on the basis of the Games in Sochi

Skater Evgeni Plushenko led the ranking athletes won the gold medals at the Olympic Games in Sochi, which caused the greatest impact in the Russian media after the Olympics, according to the National Monitoring Service.
Name Plushenko, who won gold in the team tournament, but withdrew from the individual competitions the Olympics, and then announced his retirement, 17345 mentioned in media reports. Second place in the ranking is another skater - team tournament winner Julia Lipnitskaya (10577). Third went to Maxim Trankov (8828)

and you know, that is very important that all team members were grateful to him and thanked him for having led the team. And he was supported by everyone after the withdrawal. They saw his training, talked with him they knew he did everything for the succes....Before the individual competition he landed in 4-3-3 combo in training..that wasn't joke... but a bolt broke, what 30 year guarantee given by the doctor. What a strange irony of life .. if he could compete, could have been richer with a bronze medal, the Russians moved him to heaven ....I believe Plushy the God has plan with him..

and about Yagudin: his fans can be happy if we don't talk about him here.