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    Ok. More threads about spinning from me. After I do two spins in a row (like spin, exit, windup, spin, exit), I often feel nauseated. I have to skate around for a couple of minutes until the feeling is gone. Is it because I'm not fit enough? What can I do to stop it?

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    Are you eating before you go out and spin?

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    I think it might just depend on the person. I have a friend that gets nauseous from spinning, but most people I know are just fine doing spin after spin. I don't think it has anything to do with fitness.

    Have you tried to get "undizzy" between spins? You can try Spotting on the exit as you're coming out of the spin. Another thing that works great for me is to have one arm up in a pretty pose and then focus on my hand. It only takes a moment to reduce some of the spinning in my head to make a big difference on how the second spin feels.

    Good luck!

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    My old coach taught me to sort of not focus on anything, and it helped a lot. If you hold your finger up between your eyes, there is a point where you can't really see it as one anymore (if you start out about a foot and a half and bring it slowly in towards you, you'll see what I mean). The point you try to focus on is right there at the edge. If I do this, I don't get dizzy at all- unless my spin is travelling, and then I still do.

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    If a skater travels while doing a fast spin, it will create dizziness and inner ear/vestibular dysconjugate activities. This can release certain chemicals in the brain stem, which will irritate/excite the vomitting center (the "area postrema" of the brain) and you will feel like puking.

    My advice---until you completely master centering spins, do not try two in a row. Try a combination spin instead, like sit-scratch spin, or camel-sit spin, or sit-change-sit.

    In lieu of this, you can get your "motion sickness" to lighten up a bit if you focus on the top of the boards while spinning (DON'T LOOK DOWN!! YOU WILL GET DIZZY!).

    So, to avoid your motion sickness from spinning:
    a) Please center your spins.
    b) Please don't look down in your spins or their exit edges.
    c) Please, focus on the top of the boards, like a horizon as you exit your spin.
    d) Please don't rush into your second spin, ride that left forward outside edge before getting into your spin position (if you skate counter clockwise like most) while looking at your "horizon".

    Rushing your technique will cause travelling, slow spins that wobble and a poor transition betweek spins.

    Building up from starting the spins slowly, well centered, and then adding power and speed to them as you improve will also help you avoid this problem, as you will be training you brain /inner ears and body in the process.

    GOOD LUCK! You sound like a great student to your coach.

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