Figure Skating Professional Championships (1992-1999)

Each year, television networks and production agencies staged new professional competitions. Some were well-received and turn into annual events like the Canadian Pros and Ice Wars. Others, however, turn into a one-shot deal. Here are those competitions since 1994 which were only staged once.

[ESPN Pro Skating Championships] [Team Ice Wars] [1997 US Open Challenge Cup] [Rowenta Masters On Ice] [Skates X2 – 1995] [1995 Men’s Outdoor Championships] [1994 Men’s Outdoor Championships] [Vicks 44 North American Open] [Nikon Skating Championships] [1992 Diet Coke Championships]

ESPN Pro Skating Championships
October 18-20, 1999 ~ Huntington, West Virginia

1. Surya Bonaly, Exotica/Duel of the Fates, Magalenha
2. Tonya Harding, Sanborn Number/Sleeping Bag, Stockholm Prelude/Fired Up
3. Rory Burghart, Believe, Summertime
4. Tonya Kwiatkowski, Love Moves in Mysterious Ways, Marilyn Monroe medley
5. Elizabeth Manley, Pie Jesu, I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart
W.D. Pasha Grishuk

1. Alexei Urmanov, Georgian Variations, Swan Lake/Sleeping Beauty
2. Philippe Candeloro, Mission Impossible, Bailamos/I’m a man/Maria
3. Viacheslav Zagorodniuk, Love Me Tender/Tutti Fruitti, Austin Powers
4. Jozef Sabovcik, Anymore, Losing Me
5. Rudy Galindo, The Rose, Studio 54
6. Eric Millot, The Sarabande, Man of la Mancha/Impossible Dream

1. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Czardas, Snow Storm
2. Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko, March With Me, Albinoni’s Adagio
3. Mandy Wötzel & Ingo Steuer ,Wings of Hope/In Memory, Last Dance
4. Marie-Claude Savard-Gagnon & Luc Bradet, Gone With the Wind, Misery
5. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, On Earth as it is in Heaven, Montezuma

1. Elizabeth Punsalan & Jerod Swallow, Oblivion, The Beat Goes On/I Got You Babe
2. Maya Usova & Evgeni Platov, Historia de un Amour/Copa de la Vida, Spente Le Stelle
3. Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko, Por Una Cabeza, Cabaret
4. Irina Romanova & Igor Yaroshenko, Money Makes the World Go Round, My Heart Will Go On

Team Ice Wars
January 12, 1999 ~ Tucson, Arizona

1. France
Surya Bonaly, Incantation, Spielzigan
Philippe Candeloro, Godfather (94′ LP), Guerrilleros

2. United States
Brian Boitano, Frank Sinatra medley, The Pits/Funky Mama
Tara Lipinski, I Could Have Danced All Night, Second Element

3. Canada
Kurt Browning, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me, Rag-Gidon-Time
Josée Chouinard, It Hurt So Bad, Prima Donna

4. Ukraine
Oksana Baiul, Toccata & Fugue in D minor, My All
Viacheslav Zagorodniuk, Greased Lightning, Men In Black

1997 US Open Challenge Cup

1. Axel Mederic, Roots
2. Sergei Vaipan
3. Cameron Medhurst
4tie. Aren Nielsen, Fall in love/It’s Not Unusual/You Are My Reason to Live
4tie. Dimitri Gromov, Largo al Factotum from The Barber of Seville
5. Christian J. Conte
6. Matthew James Hall
7. Craig Heath
8. Sebastien Britten
9. Christopher Bourne
10. Patrick Brault
11. Christopher Nolan
12. Akop Manoukian, People are Strange
13. David Jamieson
Dnf. Larry Holliday, hip hop basketball music
Wd. Gene “Gi G” Siruno

1. Cindy Stuart, My Cherie’s Eyes
2. Katherine Healey, Sleeping Beauty
3. Jennifer Ito
4. Tracey Damigella
5. Dawn Latona
6. Chrisha Leann Gossard
7. Jill Jackson
8. Heather McLaughlin
9. Natalie Luccaro
10. Amy Jaramillo
11. Kristen Vanick-Jamieson
12. Becky Dever, You Can Leave Your Hat On
13. Dana Hordyszynski
14. Danielle Broussard
15. Hillary Schieve
16. Limor Shefer Coleman
17. Shannon Call
18. Kim Millett Verde

1. Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko, Listen to Your Heart
2. Jane & John Kanicka, Bad
3. Lyne Houde & J. P. Martin
4. Delene Mackenzie & Bob Moskaylk
5. Romina Baron & Richard Alexander

1tie. Jennifer Goolsbee & Hendryk Schamberger, Jewish folk music including Fiddler on the roof
1tie. Lia Trovati & Russ Witherby
3. Darlin Baker & Andrzej Dostatni, Music of the Night
4. Kim Callahan & Jim Yorke
5. Judy Blumberg & Doug Webster

Rowenta Masters On Ice
December, 1996 ~ Frankfurt, Germany
Same format as the Great Skate Debate

1. Denise Biellmann, On the Run
2. Elizabeth Manley, ?
3. Debi Thomas, ?

1. Jozef Sabovcik, Heaven Can Wait
2. Viktor Petrenko, Breakfast at Tiffany’s
3. Rudy Galindo, I, Pagliacci

1. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Kalinka
2. Anushka Glaeser & Axel Rauschenbach, ?
3. Radka Kovarikova & Rene Novotny , Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini

1. Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko, Beyond the Invisible
2. Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko, Romeo & Juliet
3. Maya Usova & Alexander Zhulin, Prelude in C Minor

Skates X2 – 1995
April 25, 1995 ~ West Palm Beach, Florida

1. USA 1
Nancy Kerrigan, I’d Give My Life For You, Run To You
Brian Boitano, Mack the Black, Legends of the Fall

2. USA 2
Caryn Kadavy, La Tosca, Meditation
Paul Wylie, Schindler’s List, Carlito’s Way

3. Ukraine
Oksana Baiul, Meditation from Thais
Viktor Petrenko, Stranger in Paradise

4. Europe
Katarina Witt, Remembrances from Schindler’s List
Petr Barna, Sing, Sing, Sing

5. Canada
Elizabeth Manley, The Impossible Dream
Kurt Browning, Hey Pachuco

1995 Men’s Outdoor Championship
Sun Valley, Idaho

1. Brian Boitano, Grand Canyon Suite, Un Amor
2. Paul Wylie, JFK, Carmina Burana
3. Victor Petrenko, Only you, This Business of Love
4. Brian Orser, Three Hours Past Midnight, Summertime/Nice Work If You Can Get It
5. Jozef Sabovcik, Is There Anybody Out There?, Trapped
6. Scott Williams, The Slippery People, Kiss
7. Alexandr Fadeev, Hommage a Piazzolla, Bohemian Rhapsody
8. Gary Beacom, Don’t Wait, I’m  Different
9. Petr Barna, Only you, Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

1994 Men’s Outdoor Championship
Sun Valley, Idaho

1. Brian Boitano, Nessun Dorma, Missing You
2. Scott Hamilton, Walk This Way, In The Mood
3. Mark Mitchell, Raisin, Soon
4. Viktor Petrenko, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, Cult of Snap
5. Gary Beacom, Kreutzer Sonata, I’m Your Man
6. Petr Barna, ?, Swing Kids

Vicks 44 North American Open
October 19, 1994 ~ Cleveland, Ohio
A competition much like Landover, with one set of marks given for each performance and the artistic program in theatrical lighting.

1. Denise Biellmann, Bachianas Brasileras No. 5, Test Overdub/Frantic
2. Josée Chouinard, An American in Paris, Moon River
3. Yuka Sato, Lawrence Of Arabia, If We Hold On Together
4. Rosalynn Sumners, Sleeping Beauty, True Love
5. Elaine Zayak, Reverie, As If We Never Said Goodbye

1. Viktor Petrenko, Georgia On My Mind, Cult of Snap
2. Brian Boitano, Nessun Dorma, Missing You
3. Robin Cousins, Alone, Satan’s L’il Lamb
4. Mark Mitchell, Die Fliedermaus, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
5. Paul Wylie, Prelude, Fugue, and Rifts; Schindler’s List

1. Ekaterina Gordeeva & Sergei Grinkov, Crazy For You, Vocalise
2. Isabelle Brasseur & Lloyd Eisler, 18th Variation from Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, Patricia    the Stripper
3. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Morning Mood, I Masnadieri

The Nikon Skating Championship
Televised December 3-4, 1994 ~ St. Louis, Missouri

1. Denise Biellmann, Dance of the Impii/Tribal Dance, Bachianas Brasileras No. 5
2. Oksana Baiul, Hours between night and day, The Swan from Carnival of the Animals
3. Caryn Kadavy, ?, America The Beautiful
4. Josée Chouinard, An American in Paris, Moon River
5. Karen Preston, ?, Hero
6. Elizabeth Manley, Take it Back, I Love You, Goodbye
7. Lily Lee, Peach, Dick Tracy

1. Brian Boitano, Mack the Black, Nessun Dorma
2. Viktor Petrenko, Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White, Toreador Song from Carmen
3. Mark Mitchell, Night train, Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini
4. Petr Barna, This is a Man’s World, Sing Sing Sing

1992 Diet Coke Skaters Championships
Apr 3-5, 1992 ~ Cincinnati, Ohio

1. Katarina Witt, Robin Hood, Let’s Do It: Let’s Fall in Love
2. Debi Thomas, Oh Darlin’, 18th Variation on a Theme of Paganini
3. Elizabeth Manley, Ziegfield Follies, Miss Otis Regrets
4. Rosalynn Sumners, You Can Always Count on Me, The First Time I Ever Saw Your Face
5. Denise Biellmann, Amazing Grace, Drums/As yet Untitled
6. Charlene Wong, Vision of Love, ?
7. Caryn Kadavy, Layenda, Nessun Dorma

1. Scott Hamilton, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Battle Hymn of the Republic
2. Viktor Petrenko, Carmen, 1992 long program
3. Brian Orser, Havana, Where Do You Start?
4. Robin Cousins, Rachmaninov Piano Concerto No. 2, Busy Being Blue
5. Jozef Sabovcik, The Power of Love, Old Man River
6. Robert Wagenhoffer, Blues Berry Hill
7. Gary Beacom, Beethoven’s 9th, Malevolent Landscape
8. Aleksandr Fadeyev, Swan

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