Ladies-focused Figure Skating Championships

These were qualifying competitions for ladies which also sometimes included single competition for other disciplines.

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1997 Ladies Professional Championships
November 1-2, 1997 ~ Boise, Idaho
November 7, 1997 ~ Pensacola, Florida

Qualifying Group A – Boise
1. Caryn Kadavy, Foolish Games, Etude in E
2. Rory Flack Burghart, Le Jazz Hot , I Believe in You and Me
3. Yuka Sato, Home Again, Higher
4. Karen Preston, Canon in D, When Goodbye was a Word
(failed to qualify)
5. Rosalynn Sumners, You Can’t Take That Away From Me, Valentine
6. Elizabeth Manley, Fly, Proud Mary

Qualifying Group B – Boise
1. Josée Chouinard, Downtown, Any Man of Mine
2. Oksana Baiul, Possession, All That Jazz
3. Denise Biellmann, La Wally, Istanbul
4. Katarina Witt, Don’t Cry For Me Argentina, I Am Wondering
(failed to qualify)
5. Charlene Wong, The Air That I Breathe, Orange Colored Sky
6. Marina Kiellmann, Jellicle Ball/They’ll Be Playing Our Song, Interview With the Vampire/Dracula

Final – Pensacola
1. Caryn Kadavy, Climb Every Mountain, Mambo Italiano
2. Josée Chouinard, Poem, The Sweater
3. Yuka Sato, La Bayadere, Higher
4. Oksana Baiul, The Color of the Night, All That Jazz/ Hot Honey Rag
5. Denise Biellmann, Whirl-Y-Reel, Summertime
6. Katarina Witt, Man of La Mancha, It’s a Man’s Man’s World
7. Rory Flack Burghart, Step on Step, Because You Love Me
8. Karen Preston, Hymne a l’amour/An Affair to Remember, When Goodbye was a Word

The Professional Championships
November 13-14, 1996 ~ Grand Rapids, Michigan

Ladies Qualifying
1. Yuka Sato, I Love You Always Forever, Angel Standing By
2. Josée Chouinard, Don Juan de Marco, I Can’t Help Myself
3. Denise Biellmann, Lullaby, Solo
4. Caryn Kadavy, Toccata and Fugue, La Enda
5. Katarina Witt, Lemon Tree, Baby
6. Rosalynn Sumners, Luck Be A Lady, Beautiful Goodbye
7. Elizabeth Manley, Legends of the Fall, I Will Survive
8. Charlene Wong, You Put a Move on My Heart, Clair de Lune
(failed to qualify)
9. Oksana Baiul, The Color of the Night, The Feeling Begins
10. Charlene von Saher, Heaven and Earth, Goldeneye
11. Tiffany Chin, Paper Music, Stay
12. Elaine Zayak, No More I Love You’s, I’m the Only One

Ladies Final (top four skated 3 programs, others    just two)
1. Yuka Sato, Runaway, Afternoon of a Faun, I Love You Always Forever
2. Denise Biellmann, On the Run, Lick It, Down in the Hole
3. Josée Chouinard, Fur Ludwig, No Quiero Saber, I Can’t Help Myself
4. Caryn Kadavy, It’s All Coming Back to Me Now, One More Try, Tosca
5. Rosalynn Sumners, Fur Elise, My Favorite Things
6. Katarina Witt, Who, I’m the Only One
7. Elizabeth Manley, The Impossible Dream, Yebo
8. Charlene Wong, Seeing is Believing, Clair de Lune

1. Viktor Petrenko, Tosca, This Business of Love
2. Brian Boitano, Summon the Heroes, The Music of the Night
3. Paul Wylie, Summon the Heroes, Bring Him Home
4. Jozef Sabovcik, Who Wants To Live Forever, Heaven Can Wait
5. Scott Williams, It’s a Man’s Man’s World, The Obvious Child

1. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, The Young Lady and the Hooligan, Romance
2. Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini, Unchained Melody, One Night With You/Now or Never
3. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, Voices, 1492: Conquest of Paradise
4. Tai Babilonia & Randy Gardner, Give Me One Reason, Love
5. Calla Urbanski & Rocky Marval, Cuban Pete, Land of a Thousand Dances

Rider’s Ladies Skating Championship
October-November, 1995

Qualifying – Mankato, Minnesota
1. Oksana Baiul, The Feeling Begins, Méditation from Thais
2. Yuka Sato, Sozo, Turn the Beat Around
3. Elizabeth Manley, The Impossible Dream, This Can’t Be Love
4. Rosalynn Sumners, Hello Dolly, Warm Air, (failed to qualify)
5. Lily Lee, Blue Danube Waltz, It’s Oh So Quiet
6. Elaine Zayak, As If We Never Said Goodbye, Is It A Crime

Pairs – Mankato, Minnesota
1. Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini, Have You Ever Been In Love, When A Man Loves A Woman
2. Christine Hough & Doug Ladret, Is It A Crime, My Sharona
3. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, 1492: Conquest of Paradise, Sadeness
4. Calla Urbanski & Rocky Marval, We Still Have Time, Hanky Panky

Qualifying – Chicago, Illinois
1. Denise Biellmann, When I Look In Your Eyes, Push It/Let the Beat Control your Body
2. Caryn Kadavy, At Last, Meditation
3. Katarina Witt, Goodbye Montana, Remembrances from Schindler’s List
4. Rory Flack-Burghart, Brass in Pocket, Harry Piano, (failed to qualify)
5. Nancy Kerrigan, The Hazel Woods/Caracena, Run To You
6. Yvonne Gomez, Spanish music by David Byrne and Selena, Madame Butterfly

Dance – Chicago, Illinois
1. Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko, Captives of Love, Romeo and Juliet
2. Maya Usova & Alexander Zhulin, Blues 4 o’Clock, Fantasy in D Minor
3. Annenko and Strehtenski, Puttin’ on the Ritz, ?
4. Susie Wynne & Russ Witherby, Bie Mir Bist du Schoen, Echoes of Ireland

Ladies Final – Boston, Massachusetts
1. Yuka Sato, Sozo, Spartacus, Turn the Beat Around
2. Caryn Kadavy, At Last, Piano Concerto No.2, Tosca
3. Denise Biellmann, When I Look in Your Eyes, Prelude, Push it/Let the Beat Control Your Body
4. Oksana Baiul, Méditation from Thais,The Feeling Begins,You’ll See
5. Elizabeth Manley, The Impossible Dream, This Can’t Be Love, Are You Ready For This?
6. Katarina Witt, I Belong to Me, Remembrances from Schindler’s List, Don Juan DeMarco
7. Rosalynn Sumners, Remember Me This Way, Hello Dolly, Warm Air
8. Rory Flack-Burghart, Problem Solved/100% Total Success, In Your Eyes, Brass in Pocket

The American Invitational
November 27, 1994 ~ Nashville, Tennessee

1. Denise Biellmann, Toccata and Fugue, Shoop/Move It
2. Yuka Sato, Lawrence of Arabia
3. Katarina Witt, Where Have All the Flowers Gone, Robin Hood
4. Oksana Baiul, Hours Between Night and Day, Pas de Deux From La Paquita
5. Caryn Kadavy
6. Rosalynn Sumners, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, True Love
7. Josee Chouinard, An American in Paris,Moon River

The International Figure Skating Championships
1991 ~ Florida

1. Elizabeth Manley, ?, Itsy Bitsy Spider
2. Rosalyn Sumners, Liberty Fanfare, The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
3. Katarina Witt, ?, A Question of U
4. Lisa Marie Allen, Stuff Like That There, Some Enchanted Evening
5. Caryn Kadavy, Amazing Grace, Leyenda
6. Kathleen Schmelz, Bugle Call Rag, music by Yello
7. Charlene Wong, City of Angels, Fragile
8. Tiffany Chin, ?, ?

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