The Great Skate Debate Figure Skating Championships

The audience judges the skaters in this competition. Skaters perform only one program and each audience member gives one score. Those scores are averaged together for a one-number final score. In 1998, internet users also scored the competition and the event was not held in 1997.

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1998 Great Skate Debate
March 27, 1998 ~ Chicago, Illinois

1. Kristi Yamaguchi, Trouble
2. Ekaterina Gordeeva, Three Preludes
3. Rory Burghart, Stormy Blues/Think
4. Katarina Witt, It’s a Man’s Man’s World
5. Caryn Kadavy, Climb Every Mountain
6. Yuka Sato, That Girl
7. Denise Biellmann, Samba de Janeiro
8. Rosalynn Sumners, Sweet Rosalyn

1. Scott Hamilton, The Show Must Go On (Wizard Of Oz)
2. Paul Wylie, Go The Distance
3. Kurt Browning, Antares
4. Rudy Galindo, In the Navy/Macho Man/YMCA
5. Brian Orser, The Story of My Life
6. Jozef Sabovcik, Slow and Easy

1996 Great Skate Debate
May 7, 1996 ~ Green Bay, Wisconsin

1. Yuka Sato, Runaway
2. Denise Biellmann, Lick It/No Limit
3. Katarina Witt, I’m the Only One
4. Caryn Kadavy, Somewhere
5. Rosalynn Sumners, Remember Me This Way
6. Nancy Kerrigan, I’d Give My Life For You
7. Elizabeth Manley, Are You Ready for This?

1. Scott Hamilton, I Love Me
2. Kurt Browning, That’s Entertainment
3. Paul Wylie, This is the Moment
4. Viktor Petrenko, This Business of Love
5. Jozef Sabovcik, Rock Me
6. Brian Orser, Three Hours Past Midnight
7. Mark Mitchell, Born to Be Alive/Super Freak/YMCA

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