US Open Figure Skating Championships

This is one of the few pre-Lillehammer competitions which was held in a different US city each year ending in 1999.

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1997 U.S. Open (Masters Cup Round)
November 29-30, 1997 ~ Cincinnati, OH

1. Elizabeth Manley, L-O-V-E, I Want to Be a Cowboy’s Sweetheart
2. Karen Preston, Canon in D, Trouble
3. Lisa-Marie Allen, La Violetra, It’s Time
4. Rory Burghart, Le Jazz Hot, Here Comes the Sun
5. Charlene Wong, Orange Colored Sky, The Air That I Breathe
6. Cindy Stuart, Silencers, My Cherie’s Eyes

1. Jozef Sabovcik, Alone You Breathe, The Angel Song
2. Rudy Galindo, On Golden Pond, Send in the Clowns
3. Petr Barna, Night of a Thousand Stars, Chaplin
4. Doug Mattis, Nightmare/It’s No Good, Imitation
5. Grzegorz Filipowski, Stranger in a Car, Perfect Day
6. Scott Williams, Kiss, Smells Like Teen Spirit

1. Elena Leonova & Andrei Khvalko, Kafe Europe, Listen to Your Heart
2. Radka Kovarikova & Rene Novotny , Un Sospiro, Time    to Say Goodbye
3. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, Voices, 1492: Conquest of Paradise
4. Natalie Seybold & Wayne Seybold, Because You Loved Me, Dear Father
5. Elena Valova & Oleg Vassiliev, None But the Lonely Heart, The Goal
6. Natalia Mishkutenok & Craig Shepard, Ben Hur, Polovitsian Dances

1. Susanna Rahkamo & Petri Kokko, blues, Beyond the Invisible
2. Maya Usova & Alexander Zhulin, La Belle Dame Sans Regrets, Windmills in your mind/Love Story/Summer of 42
3. Amy Webster & Ron Kravette, The Jet Song, Phantom of the Opera

1994 U.S. Open
Worcester, Massachusetts

1. Rory Burghart, Stormy Blues/Think, Problem Solved/100% Total Success
2. Elizabeth Manley, The Impossible Dream, Shout
3. Yuka Sato, Railway Children, Can’t Help Falling In Love
4. Jeri Campbell, ?, Primitive
5. Karen Preston, I’m Every Woman, Hero
6. Laura Steele, My Mother’s Son-In-Law, I’m Telling You I’m Not Going

1. Grzegorz Filipowski, In The Hall of the Mountain King, Summertime
2. Doug Mattis, Enigma, Imitation
3. Alexandr Fadeev, The Lost River/Dance of the Firehunters, Mephistopheles
4. Paul Wylie, Carmina Burana, Schindler’s List
5. Craig Heath, On Parade, ?
6. Dmitri Gromov, Jealousy, ?
7. Ralph Burghart, Streets of Philadelphia, ?

1. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Limelight, Samson & Deliah
2. Cindy Landry & Burt Lancon, Technorama, Reaching for Glory
3. Calla Urbanski & Rocky Marval, Can Can, The Music of the Night

1. Maya Usova & Alexander Zhulin, Blues 4 o’Clock, Fantasy in D Minor
2. Natalia Annenko & Genrich  Sretenski, Puttin’ On The Ritz, Ave Maria
3. Susie Wynne & Russ Witherby, Bie Mir Bist Du Schoen, Don’t Let the Sun Go Down On Me
4. Darlin Baker & Andrzej Dostatni, Hernando’s Hideaway, The Colour of My Love

1993 U.S. Open
Worcester, Massachusetts

1. Caryn Kadavy, At Last, Over the Rainbow
2. Elizabeth Manley, ?, Jellicle Ball
3. Rosalynn Sumners, Donna Summer medley, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
4. Catarina Lindgren, Black Magic Woman, Stormy Weather
5. Charlene Wong, ?, Clair de Lune
6. Heather McLaughlin, ?, The Lady in Red

1. Alexander Fadeev, Bohemian Rhapsody, Elvis medley
2. Grzegorz Filipowski, In the Hall of the Mountain King, Gethsemane
3. Josef Sabovcik, ?, Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word
4. Brian Orser, Deeply Dippy, Orange Colored Sky
5. Scott Williams, Deus Xango, Bolero

1. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Morning Mood, Once Upon a Dream
2. Elena Valova & Oleg Vassiliev
3. Christine Hough & Doug Ladret, Are You Gonna Go My Way

1. Marina Klimova & Sergei Ponomarenko, Masquerade Waltz,    The Bride from Dracula
2. Natalia Annenko & Genrich  Sretenski, Summertime, Thanksgiving
3. Natalia Bestemianova & Andrei Bukin, Pictures At An    Exhibition, The Witch From La Tosca
4. Sargent-Thomas and Thomas
5. Baily and Farrington

1992 U.S. Open
Minneapolis, Minnesota

1. Jill Trenary, I Will Always Love You, The Feeling Begins/Caravan
2. Rory Flack, Fever, Am I Blue?
3. Caryn Kadavy, I Dreamed A Dream
4. Elizabeth Manley, ?, Die Fliedermaus
5. Rosalynn Sumners, You Can Always Count On Me, I Feel Lucky
6. Charlene Wong, Seeing Is Believing, Cry/Revelations
7. Simone Grigorescu
8. Carrie Weber, ?, The Bear Necessities from The Jungle Book
9. Rebecca Safai
10. Stephanie Grosscup, Catwoman

1. Paul Wylie, This is the Moment, JFK
2. Alexander Fadeev, Russian Dance, Elvis medley
3. Grzegorz Filipowski, Besame Mucho, Gethsemane
4. Brian Orser, Havana/Historia de un Amor, Still Got the Blues
5. Petr Barna, Hamlet, Amadeus
6. Angelo D’Agostino, Hit the Road Jack
7. Scott Williams, Deus Xango, Side Streets
8. Tom Dickson, Argentine Tango
9. Cameron Medhurst, ?, I’m Reviewing the    Situation
10. Stewart Sturgeon
11. James Scott Driscoll

1. Mishkuteniok and Dmitriev, Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini, Somewhere In Your Heart
2. Elena Bechke & Denis Petrov, Yellow Submarine, Wabash Blues
3. Christine Hough & Doug Ladret, Melody for Morning/The Messiah, Story of the Blues
4. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, Marche Slav, Sadeness
5. Elena Valova & Oleg Vassiliev, All Shook Up
6. Natalie Seybold & Wayne Seybold, Take Me to the River, Beauty and the Beast
7. Peake and Naylor, The Show Must Go On, Rhapsody
8. Lieber and Mero ?, ?

1. Natalia Annenko & Genrich  Sretenski, Hello Dolly, Adagietto
2. Lowery and Rossback, Insatiable, Secret Agent
3. Michelle McDonald & Martin Smith, Bossa Nova, blues music

1991 U.S. Open

1. Rosalynn Sumners, Sleeping Beauty, Black Velvet
2. Charlene Wong, One Moment in Time, Fragile
3. Rory Flack, Miss Otis Regrets, Summertime
4. Rebecca Safai
5. B. Welliver-Muth
6. Julie Morris

1. Scott Williams, Deus Xango, In the Evening
2. Scott Hamilton, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore, Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2
3. J. Scott Driscoll, Danny Boy, ?
4. Jozef Sabovcik
5. Doug Mattis
6. Stewart Sturgeon
7. Billy Lawe
8. Daniel Doran

1. Wachsman and Waggoner, Malaguena, Pie Jesu
2. Kitty & Peter Carruthers, Sun and Moon, Shake a Tailfeather
3. Natalie and Wayne Seybold, Freeze/Thaw, Music of the Night
4. Selezna and Makarov

1. Susie Wynne & Joseph Druar, Charleston number, Charlie Chaplin no. 2.
2. Natalia Bestemianova & Andrei Bukin, Tales From Vienna Woods, Yiddish History
3. Semanick and Shpilband, Brightest Star, Gypsy King
4. Jones and Askham

1990 U.S. Open

1. Charlene Wong, Afternoon of a Faun, Vision of Love
2. Elaine Zayak, When You Take Me For a Buggy    Ride, Dear Father/Coming to America
3. Caryn Kadavy, Samson and Deliah, Fever

1. Scott Hamilton, City of Angels, Georgia on My Mind
2. Robert Wagenhoffer
3. Scott Williams, Cold Sweat, The Mission

1. Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini, It Had to Be You, Unchained Melody
2. Cindy Landry & Peter Oppegard, Georgia on My Mind, ?

1. Natalia Bestemianova & Andrei Bukin, Rasputin
2. Susie Wynne & Joseph Druar, Hit the Road Jack, Singing in the Rain, 42nd Street

1989 U.S. Open

1. Elizabeth Manley, When I See My Name in Lights, Jump On the Line
2. Kathleen Schmeltz, Great Balls of Fire, Walking Papers
3. Lori Benton, Cleopatra, Malaguena
4. Lisa-Marie Allen, Bambaleo, ?

1. Robert Wagenhoffer, Blue Danube
2. Jamie Eggleton, Rock Around the Clock
3. Paul Guerrero, Tap Dance Kid/I Can Do That

1. Barbara Underhill & Paul Martini, When A Man Loves A Woman
2. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding, Night on Bald Mountain, Cotton Club
3. Natalie & Wayne Seybold, ?, Papa Can You Hear Me/A Piece of the Sky

1. Lorna Wighton and John Dowding, ?, Steely Dan number

Other Years


1. Elizabeth Manley

1. Gary Beacom, Exodus, Bob Wilbur and Kenny Davern piece

1. Anita Hartshorn & Frank Sweiding
2. Watson and Oppegaard
3. Johnson and Strangman
4. Buddecke and Vortz


1. Gary Beacom

1. Kathleen Schmelz

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