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Rinka Watanabe: ‘I want to get better!’

by Judith Dombrowski

Rinka Watanabe

Japan’s Rinka Watanabe 渡辺 倫果 takes a few minutes to talk to Golden Skate before she takes the ice in her Grand Prix debut at 2022 Skate Canada tomorrow for the Short Program! She was first interested in Figure Skating after watching Shizuka Arakawa when she was three. She loves Daisuke Takahashi’s step sequences as well, and she’s excited that she will be seeing him soon in Sapporo.

She talks about her previous training locations and how she returned to Japan to work on her basic skating skills, how happy she was to reach her goal of over 200 points at Lombardia Trophy, her goal to become a better skater, her unique hobby of collecting Bathynomus giganteus figures, and more.

The 2022 CS Lombardia Trophy Champion will compete again at NHK Trophy later this next month!

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