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Thread: What is the best baseball movie?

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    I haven't seen them all, but I'd have to say "Field of Dreams" is my favorite.
    I didn't like Bull Durham.

    We just watched "Fever Pitch" this past weekend and enjoyed a LOT. But baseball sort of took a back-seat to the love story. Being huge Phillies Phans, this movie helped eased the long off-season for us!

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    Forgot to add that I do like "League of Their Own," though not as much as "Bull Durham" and "Bang the Drum Slowly." It gives the real women who played baseball during WWII their due, it's good, and I like that combination.


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    I gotta go with my fav, "Field of Dreams" and my son's fav......."A League of Their Own" ( my mother played in one of these leagues in the forties. She saw the movie and had to laugh.......said there wasn't all that cattiness and in house fighting at all, but you have to make the movie appealing.......... ) 42

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