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2022-23 Grand Prix Final: Pairs’ Preview

by Tatjana Flade
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2022-23 Grand Prix Final: Pairs Preview

2022-23 Grand Prix Final: Pairs’ Preview

The Pairs’ event for the 2022-23 Grand Prix Final will kick off on December 8, 2022, with the short program. The Pairs’ discipline suffered the most from the absence of the Russian and Chinese teams and the level was not that high. The World Champions and World silver medalists were clearly the favorites, but the other spots in the Final were up for grabs. All teams compete in the Final for the first time, however, Miura and Kihara had qualified a year ago for the Final that was cancelled.

Deanna Stellato-Dudek and Maxime Deschamps (CAN)

Stellato-Dudek and Deschamps are one of the most unusual and interesting pairs out there. The American Stellato-Dudek, a World Junior silver medalist in 2000 in single skating, came out of retirement after 16 years in 2016 to start a pair skating career. She teamed up with the Canadian Deschamps in 2019, and the team has made a huge step forward this season. They took gold at the Grand Prix de France and silver at Skate America, and have excellent chances to make the podium in Torino.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
Grand Prix de France 202264.33 121.51185.84
Skate America 202273.05124.84197.89
Nebelhorn Trophy 202268.08124.66192.74

Sara Conti and Niccolo Macii (ITA)

Conti and Macii surprised themselves by earning a silver in Sheffield and a bronze in Mississauga. They had not expected these results, much less qualifying for the Final. The Italian team has solid side-by-side triples, but sometimes makes errors on other elements and is still working on their performance skills. Interestingly, the skaters revealed that they are more nervous when competing at home in front of family and friends. So while they are excited about competing in the Final, they will face some additional stress.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
MK John Wilson Trophy 2022
Skate Canada 2022
66.66 119.52186.18
Nebelhorn Trophy 2022
64.85 113.02 177.87
Lombardia Trophy 2022
62.81107.38 170.19

Rebecca Ghilardi and Filippo Ambrosini (ITA)

Ghilardi and Ambrosini seized the opportunity and put out two solid performances to win the Grand Prix in Espoo that got them into the Final alongside their fourth-place from France. However, the Italians had some trouble with their side-by-side triple Salchow in France, and for Finland, only risked the double Axel and double Salchow. They made up for that with other elements and also with a nice performance. They are the first Italian pair skating team to win an ISU Grand Prix since Stefania Berton and Ondrej Hotarek back in 2013.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
Grand Prix Espoo 202267.31122.43189.74
Warsaw Cup 202265.79118.42184.21
Grand Prix de France 202260.93113.79174.72
U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 202264.78124.44189.22

Riku Miura and Ryuichi Kihara (JPN)

The World silver medalists put out strong performances at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy to clearly win both events. The team had to overcome Miura’s shoulder injury in the summer, but was back in form when needed. Miura and Kihara lead the Grand Prix standings as they collected the highest scores, and will be ready to challenge the World Champions.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
NHK Trophy 2022
Skate Canada 2022

Emily Chan and Spencer Akira Howe (USA)

Chan and Howe qualified for the Final with silver medals at Skate Canada and NHK Trophy. The 2022 Four Continents silver medalists are improving step by step, but still need to work on the consistency of their elements. They have a shot on the podium if they skate very well and the top teams falter.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
NHK Trophy 202264.62122.87187.49
Skate Canada 202267.39119.09186.48
U.S. International Figure Skating Classic 202261.71120.10181.81

Alexa Knierim and Brandon Frazier (USA)

Knierim and Frazier started their season a bit later than usual after coming off a tough Olympic season, but they have been gaining momentum. The reigning World Champions picked up the gold at Skate Canada and John Wilson Trophy. They will compete in their first ISU Grand Prix Final as a team, but need to watch out for Miura and Kihara.

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EventSP ScoreFS ScoreTotal Score
MK John Wilson Trophy 202275.88129.97205.85
Skate America 202275.19126.20201.39

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