Ok so i have booked in with a boot fitter who is going to show me lots of different boots. From our brief conversation yesterday which was basically me explaining that i was currently in Risport Laser (i think they might now be the RF4) boot and an adult recreational skater with my single jumps (on and off!) up through to Flip and having been working on lutz and axel (though the axel has been on the back burner for a while) what would be a good direction to go.

Up for discussion was (for price reasons) the Risport RF3 or RF2, he said they both provide strong support but the RF2 has much mroe padding in it and he says they are popular over here in the UK.

He then also said that he has a very good relationship with Reidell, and if i 'm honest i'm thinking i'd quite like to try reidells for many reasons, one is the heat molding fit. He also said that you can get them in varying width and heel sizes to get a better fit. He suggested that Risport get their support from being stiff, but that Reidells give support by making sure the fit it perfect rather than just having stiff boots. He also said they are better padded than the Risport.

I think i'm leaning more to teh Reidells but my question is shoudl i go for bronze star or silver star? Would the silver star be too much boot for me? Anyone have any thoughts to share?

Thanks in advance