1. Elladj Balde QC
My timing was off and I just arrived in time for the end of his skate, people around me said I missed a good one - damn / total 51.32 ? not sure only announced in French

2. Carl Hawe EO
Black with white vest & armbands / 3l2t / 2a / 3t ? - not sure of jump, it was under rot & 2ft / he's quite slow and a bit stiff / Total 31.34

3. David Saunders CO
Black tshirt & pants / some nice opening chor to 'dark' music / 3s2t / ftwrk 2f / his movement and flow is fairly good / interesting O ftwrk / flycam is lovely - good speed & extension / strt ftwrk uses arms well / 2a nice air pos / combo spin is good as is the sit ch sit / 40.59 currently 2nd (by my calc)

4. Jonathan Mills EO
Shades of brown vest effect over cream shirt / lovely high spiral / romeo & Juliet / 3s wild on landing 2t (toe axel actually) / 2a / he gets good height on jumps but there's something awkward about his take-off / ftwrk 2f / flycam to donut / sit ch sit is good - nice variations / ok strt ftwrk / his camel pos that starts the combo spin has excellent extension spin / 35.09 currently 3rd /

5. Ian Martinez QC
Black vest & pants white & black diag striped shirt / ftwrk 3z / tango de Roxanne / O ftwrk has good tango feel & moves / 3z light hand down 2t / so the 1st jump was a flip then because this one was def a z / combo spin / 2a / back sit ch sit with good pos variations / strt ftwrk is good but seemed off the music a bit and since he finished a bit after the music, I can see why / flycam is excellent / 46.?9

6. Nathan Last EO
Grey pants pastel horizontal striped shirt suspenders / rag time / 3s / 2 flip with both hands overhead / camel spin had layover pos / O ftwrk has some nice touches in it / 2a tilted but I think he managed to hand on to a very tight landing / combo spin is ok / sit ch sit with variations in pos / strt ftwrk is ok / 33.54

7. David Struthers QC
White shirt & black pants / romeo & Juliet / 2a / 3t fell / flycam is ok / ftwrk 2f / combo spin / strt ftwrk / ack cam starts combo spin / 32.29

8. Mark Fernandez QC
B lack with red striped tie / ftwrk 2f / 3s 2t problem on landing of toe but couldn't see it - too close to the boards / combo spin was good until it got slow near end and he fell out of it, but covered it up / strt ftwrk is ok / 2a step out / there's some nice chor bits and he interprets them well / combo spin is ok / cam ch cam with very good cam spin & speed / 37.22

9. Dave Ferland QC
Black with gold & red design down one side / tango / starts with invisible partner / 2a / 3l hard fall on side / sit ch sit - good pos front & back speed is good / 3f is good / combo kind of tails off at the end / diag steps are ok - think it might had had only simpler steps / flycam - very slow spin & weak pos / 39.74

10. Matthew Hawley CO
Shirt is white at top shading to grey, grey pants / meditiations by Thais ? / Some nice moves incl spreadeagle to opening /
3t step out / ftwrk 2f / 2a / O ftwrk moves quite well / sorry - the music is making me go into 'gaze' move and I can't remember half of what I've seen by him / 32.59 /

11. Sébastien Wolfe QC
Dark blue with sparkly top and red stripe down leg - top has red glitter / tango / excellent tango moves to start into flycam with very good variations & speed / 2z hand down - went up crooked / 2f with very loose free leg in the air / strt steps are in tango expression / sit ch sit is excellent great low pos & variations / O ftwrk is right with music - well done - complex / 2a / combo spin is excellent & fast / too bad about the jumps - I don't remember specifically, but think he landed a couple of good ones in warm-up / his general speed & flow is very good and he uses his music / 35.44

12. Christopher Sisca CO
Black with royal blue diag on chest & one arm / 2a / 3s bailed in air and landed on 2 feet after about 2 revs / O ftwrk is ok - with music / sit ch sit is good - perfectly centered with variations & kept up the speed / strt ftwrk is ok / flycam is quite nice - held it for a long time / ftwrk 2f pitched forward on landing / combo spin to end is good / 33.08

13. Jean-Simon Légaré QC
Black with dark blue top with bits of brown design / music starts out very powerfull with almost chanting / spread eagle right into 2a / popped lutz / 3f from ftwrk / combo spin start with nice layout camel - very well done / flycam with edge change and layover pos is good / O ftwrk is good - nice deep edges / sit ch sit with low pos & variations / strt ftwrk is ok / he moves his body well to express the music / 4?.85

14. Justin L Piette QC
Yellow shirt with white collar & cuffs sriped tie 7 suspenders / big band / nice spread eagle into 2a after good opening moves / 3f might have 2foot but is was nice in the air / travelling 3's into 3l2t I think / then a spin that I didn't really see trying to remember if 2nd jump in combo was a loop or toe / diag ftwrk expressed music / flycam has a bit of weak freeleg - needs extension / O ftwrk flows quite well - fairly complex / back cam starts a nice combo spin to end the program / 42.07

15. Dominic Rondeau QC
Black with green & silver design on one side of body and down one leg / 3f / combo spin started with very weak back cam he managed to sort of pull it together though / 3z2t nice air pos / O ftwrk is interesting - well done / 2a almost a waxel and he bailed on the landing to 2 feet / now he's into the strt steps that I quite like as well / did I miss a spin - think so / spin to end the pgm that I didn't really see / 37.?8 /