Skaters are shown in Start order
I was late getting to the rink, so missed the first couple of groups, sorry.

1. Cody Fryday NS
2. William Wu EO
3. Matthew Power NL
4. Andrew Mitchell EO
5. Christopher Lettner EO
6. Dante Di Domenicantonio EO
7. Alex Pupek NB
8. Janis Nams NS

9. Jean Francois Ouellet QC
Grey velour top black pants / 2a fell / 2z2t2l / death drop starts a combo spin - well done - nice pos variations / 2f2t / 3s fell think short rotations / combo spin with quite nice pos - very good speed / 2z / 2l / I like his air pos / strt ftwrk used different levels / spiral into 2s fell / spin to end has nice pos / he's tiny and covers the ice quite well especially for his size /
Free total 37.45 no placement announced /

10. Nicholas Kelly NB
Grey pattern tshirt top with black / 2a had it then fell / he's quite scratchy / 2z2l / 2s / he's tall especially skating after the last guy / although very noisy his strt ftwrk flows well with the music - quite pleasant / 2a2l with a big cheer from the crowd / combo spin was ok / 2 - toe I think / spiral 2f hand down then free foot / 2z / back cam sit then change to front spin ends the pgm / 38.28

11. James Hazelton NS
Red on one sleeve blue on other half with a partial union jack on his side / 2s2l1t with a weird landing on the loop / didn't see next jump but it was a double with a under rot 2l on it / then a spin / 2z fell / sal that he fell on not sure if a triple attempt or just a double / familiar beattles melody now / spin ending in nice xfoot / 2z hop turn 2t / 2l / music picks up and his strt ftwrk moves well with it / 2a / sit ch sit is ok / 32.27

12. Nicolas Yaskiw QC
Top is shades of orange with idag design - getting closer I see it's bars of music / 2z2l and another jump I 'm not sure of / 3t I think that was 2ft possibly under rot / 2a / sit ch sit / 3s under rot fell / 2f2t / flysit - spin is slow & not low enough / 2a2t with a balance check on landing of toe / strt ftwrk is timed with music but not to the music / 2s / spin to end the pgm / gr tot 64.84 currently 1st / now they're announcing the gr tot scores

13. Jean-Christophe Hérard QC
Orange shirt with black at shoulds neck & cuffs / didn't really see 1st two combo jumps think the 1st was a 2z2t then a 2f2t / the? / he has next to no set up for the jumps / I got behind puzzling over the numbers for the previous skater and never got caught up / nice spiral in there / a combo spin ending in side split / he's a very quiet skater / 2z fell / 2f fell / combo spin is fast with quite good pos & centering / total 58.99 /

14. Maxime Deschamps QC
Shiny brown top with red sash at waist / zorba's dance / great opening combo spin - lovely extension on the camel / 2z2t / 2f / 2l / spread eagle series / 2a 2ft / combo spin is excellent ending in very good xfoot / 2z / 2s1t1l / 2fturn 2l / back camel sit xfoot / strt ftwrk into closing pose - shows nice edges, but not really enough in it / on a lot of his jumps he lands with his hand reaching out for the ice as if he's getting ready to save himself from falling - lack of confidence / 59.45 currently 2nd

15. Patrick Stockdale NB
Black / 2a fell / 2z2t leaning in air on toe fell / 2f hop turn 2s / back cam with weak pos to sit ch sit - ok spin except for camel / 2s1t1l / 2z fell / I just missed a spin / 2l / 2f turn out / flysit with good low pos / 55.35 currently 7th /

16. Jeremie Boisier-Michaud QC
Red & blue horizontal stripes with bronze swirly design on one side of chest / 2z2t fell / 2l had it then fell / open leg upright spin ch sit / 2f hop turns 2t / nice spread eagle turn 1a / very nice spiral / 2z / 2s / flycam with nice fly to open leg upright with arms behind back - very nice / strt ftwrk starts out a bit weak but improves / 2? Not sure of take-off / very nice combo spin to end - / 58.67 currently 4th /

17. Aaron Deonarain CO
Grey v-neck with red under & down arms / (he's black) / 2a is high but 2ft / 2s / fly back sit with variations / 2z2t / 2f1-1/2 toe tahat he bailed on / spin with good upright pos / spread eagle 2f I think / strt steps are quite good - with the music / jump that I missed / combo that needs to move faster to keep up with the music - well done though / 2z / 57.27 currently 6th /

18. Shaquille Davis CO
Black with turquoise diage design & orange on one side of chest & sleeve (he's black) / 3t2t / 3t stepout fell / 2a / nice tight air pos / combo spin is ok / 2s / 2a2t / death drop with variations on sit spin / 2z1l1l / strt steps show nice edges / 2f / camel with quite good extension and xfoot start & end the closing spin / 69.06 currently 1st /

19. Samuel Angers QC
Navy & white swirly pattern on top / 1z pick slipped / 2a / back upright spin to front / 3s hand down - think it was rot / 2l / 2z2t / 2a landed on toe pick hopped to save it 2t / combo spin is ok / strt ftwrk / I just missed a jump / back combo spin starts with camel that is a bit weak but rest of spin is good / 66.66 currently 2nd /

20. Mathieu Brunet QC
Black with gold & red design on one side of chest & sleeve / spread eagle 2a very nice / double jump that I missed / 2z turnout / combo spin is just great / 3s fell / combo spin with great po / 2l / diag ftwrk is right with music - expresses it well / 2a step out / 1z turns 2t / flycam with lovely layover pos to sit ch sit / 69.07 currently 1st /

21. Julien Phavorachith QC
Brown with patches of light brown on top / 3s or toe with a hand down - think toe / 2a is high 2t / 3t that I think was clean / flysit spin that had trouble on landing - he's quite fast over the ice / 2a / combo spin is quite good - cam needs a bit of work but rest is very good / 2z step out / 2f2t / daig steps has some very nice inventive moves / 2s / back sit ch sit with twist & variations / 74.29 currently 1st /

22. Frederick Cheng CO
With tunic top with brown sash & pants / Jesus Christ Superstar / went for lutz and pick slipped didn't get off ice / 1a / he's fast & moves with the music / 2f2t / flysit is high with gorgeous tuck & fast low spin / strt steps are expressive & flow / nice ina / 2s / 2l / combo spin is very good ending in nice xfoot - camel could use more extension / 2z / 2t I think / combo spin excellent pos - maybe a little tiny bit slow / 67.65 currently 4th /

23. Andrew McConnell CO
Navy blue military style with white belt / opening combo spin is very good but a tiny bit wild / 3s under rot fell / 2a is nice in the air bit forward on landing / 2z2t / 2a step out 2t / 2f hop turn 2s / O ftwrk is very music as music picks up to a celtic beat / 2l I think / 2z / death drop to upright with variations / combo spin with sit variations / 63.42 currently 7th /