I watched Mao and Yuna.

I loved Yuna's program. It was fun, cute and energetic.

I like Mao's as well. I liked the newer costume and newer expression, in that I always like Mao wearing something bright and light, smiling like an angel and skating airy-fairy. According to an interview, they wanted to change the concept to a young lady first debuting at a ball. But why use the same program that they used for a different concept then? The program looks almost exactly the same. I wish Mao reuses her last year's gala, SP, or any of Chopin pieces.

I also watched Yuna's FP practice. She's got really interesting music. I think that both programs fit Yuna very well. Perhaps she could have skated a bit heavier one for FP for a change because it gives a slightly similar impression with the SP, but this LP music is not bad. Good music and I like it.