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    Artur Dmitriev, Jr. withdrew due to ???

    Wenjing Sui / Cong Han withdrew due to Sui suffered a knee injury.

    Narumi Takahashi / Mervin Tran withdrew because in April 2012, Takahashi dislocated her left shoulder while practicing a lift. After five or six recurrences, she decided to undergo surgery on October 30. They will miss about four to six months.

    Caitlin Yankowskas / Joshua Reagan withdrew because he sustained a rib injury in practice.

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    It bothers me that no pairs were given the opportunity to fill the spots. In pairs, especially, the ISU should have named alternates to each event from the get-go.

    Current pairs entries:


    Qing PANG / Jian TONG CHN

    Cheng PENG / Hao ZHANG CHN

    Wenting WANG / Yan ZHANG CHN

    Yuko KAVAGUTI / Alexander SMIRNOV RUS

    Ksenia STOLBOVA / Fedor KLIMOV RUS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaba22 View Post
    Artur Dmitriev, Jr. withdrew due to ???

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    I remember reading a few weeks ago that he had broken his leg. I think the info was first posted by Arthur Werner and then it was mentioned at FSU. Maybe AlexRus can help us figuring out if it's true or not.
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    Mao and Dai arrived in Shanghai and were accompanied by the quards of JSF (Machida arrived by another flight from Tokyo, not from Kansai). Things are fine and calm at the airport and I am sure it will safe and fun for everyone. Both look great! :

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    It bothers me that no pairs were given the opportunity to fill the spots.
    It bothers other skaters too. Misha Ge is not too happy and tweeted about it.

    Because im first Substitute on GP,Received Email from ISU about CoC,that Dmitriev(RUS) withdraw to late,unfortunately they cant invite me. For me compete it or not its fine,not now then i might get in future.But why leave one spot open and not try best to put other skater on it? Same Situation on Skate America with Ice Dancers,because one couple withdraw there have no preparation for substitute so spot was empty. it's already only 10 Singles ,8 Pairs,6 Ice Dancers this year on each GP, and skater need lost their spot.Why? it's not only about me , it's about Skaters .

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    With the series already down to 10-8-6, the withdrawals make the events seem almost paltry. Certainly lessens the effect of a major international event. The replacement policy certainly needs adjusting.

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