Hello everyone,
So... an update for those of you who know, and for those who don't - I'm now skating again after a 12 year brake. I'm doing pretty good, still getting dizzy on the spins but can hold the regular upright (like 15 rev.) and the sit spin (9 rev.) okay. Also, I can do all single jumps through Lutz, combinations and should finally move up from my Reidel 115 skates to something more advanced. Mostly because I'm uncomfortable - I need some serious padding in there. So I looked up a few and they were all like 400$ just the boots and then at least another 150$ for the blades and I'm kind of on a low budget. So finally I found the GAM Podium G0057 that are 279$ including Ultima Aspire blades (with straight toe picks). If you've tried them or even if you haven't but can give me some advice, please, tell me what you think. Note that I can't try them on first because they're obviously not sold in Israel... which is mainly why I'm asking.