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Thread: Is Christina Gao in the running for US Nationals?

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    Quote Originally Posted by R.D. View Post
    Actually, I was just going to bring up the topic - one wonders if Gao is indeed now suffering from "Wagner-itis" where she continually sabotages her chances by botching the SP, even though her freeskates are OK. Stay tuned for nationals...
    This. She's flubbed her opening 3-3 at her last two GP events (TEB and GPF), and as we saw from Wagner at Worlds last year, that's an extremely difficult mistake to bounce back from, even with a near-perfect FS.

    EDIT: However, I disagree that this phenomenon should be dubbed "Wagner-itis"--she seems to have corrected the issue (it was most severe, clearly, at 2012 Worlds) and hasn't yet struggled with it this season. In general, Wagner is one of the stronger SP skaters.
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