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In the ice dance, the teams that need minimum TCS for worlds include

The Aussies. they got their minimum TCS for their free dance at the nesquik cup but still in need to achieve the minimum score for the short dance (they got a TCS 28.50 at the nesquik cup for sd!! Sooo close)

The Chinese team of xiaoyang yu/Chen wang need both sd and fd min TCS. (teammates xun and zheng who are not going to 4cc need both too so it's not looking good for china)

Even though the reeds are going to worlds so this probably doesn't matter as much but the two other Japanese teams need both just in case the very unlikely situation of the reeds qualifing 2 places for the Olympics for Japan at 2013 worlds does happen).

The mexicans need both, as well as the Uzbeki team.

In the pairs: Just in case China gets 3 spots wenting wang/ yan zheng need to achieve the minimum for the SP if they want to be in contention of the third Olympic spot. America's Felicia zhang/ Nathan bartholomay also needs to get the min score for the sp too (they got the fd score at us classic)

With the changes to the minimum in pairs, wenting wang/yan zheng have qualified. Zhang/Bartholomay still need the minimum for the SP. Ice Dance remains unchanged (to my disliking. wish it was 28pts).