Well, we had a thread for the girls, why not the boys?

So let's have some opinions and thoughts - who are the best looking guys in figure skating today?

My shortlist (it's quite short):

- Artur Gachinski: Sure, he has the same golden hair and pale eyes as every other Russian Male Skater Clone. But he's got something about his face that puts him above the rest. Especially when he smiles. Wish he did that more often.

- Joshua Farris: Okay, so the guy's barely eighteen. But he's grown up really handsome over the last couple of years! Tall and dark and handsome and shy.

- Jason Brown: He might not meet your conventional definition of handsome, but he's just so cute and smiley all the time!

I could go on about Ilia Kulik and Alexander Abt and so on, but you know, that might bore people.