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Thread: Should Plush leave Mishin?

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    Should Plush leave Mishin?

    At first glance there's no reason for that: Plushenko is a phenomenal skater, immense successful, got numerous 6.0's in technique AND presentation, and even injured he seems (almost!) unbeatable recently (not Sandhu has beaten Plush at the GPF; Plush beat himself!). And if he stays healthy (hopefully!), it looks there's no end right now ...

    Why this poll? Is it just me who's liking Plush, the skater, actually more than his programs, who thinks most of his programs are still kinda strange and half-baked, who doesn't know what to do with them, who's sure he's still not up to what he's really capable of presentationwise? And is it just me who thinks Mishin (I know he's not the choreographer; but in fact it doesn't really matter!) is the reason for that? Mishin is a great coach, without any doubt, and Plush owes him a lot, but over the past two years I got more and more the impression he's only a millstone around Plush's neck.

    I would love to know your opinions, from what I've heard even many die hard Plush fans are not longer really happy with Mishin and want a change.

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