I did notice in looking up the protocols that the only two 2a+3t ratified were at NHK in 2011 and 2012. The other 4 were either UR or DG. I also noticed the 3f<s and several 3f+2lo+2lo<. Mao has a general UR problem that can surface with almost any of her jumps. She also has a tendency to pop triples to doubles or singles.

I agree she will be in tough company with Kim and Kostner at Worlds and PCS won't save her against them; she was 6th at Worlds 2012 because of the fall on the 3a<< in the SP and two pops, a UR and a doubled jump in the FS. She couldn't beat Wagner, Suzuki, Leonova and Murakami last year; if she tries and fails the 3a again, some of them may beat her this year as well.

IMO, she will do OK at 4CC because it's home ice and she's not facing any PCS monsters.