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the season hasnt even started yet and we are declaring her as unmotivated ? if Miki can find a coach even Morozov if he takes her
then she ha sthat can for the last spot, Akiko is more like the reserve
You seem to have deaf ears but I and others have already mentioned that the JSF have already stated Miki would need to WIN Nationals just to make the Olympic Team. Miki is not likely on any planet to win Nationals next year, whether she is motivated or not. I guess it wouldnt be totally impossible, but there is no denying that right now at this moment Asada is atleast 95% likely the winner of next years Nationals. So Miki's chances to reach the Games are already almost none even if she returned and was skating very well (which most would concur isnt even likely either). Of course Suzuki only needing to be top 3 or 4 at Nationals which she has been every year for awhile is more likely to make the team than a semi retired Ando needing to return at 26 after 3 years off, and win Nationals over someone she has beaten at Nationals only once since 2005 to begin with, ROTFL!!