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No, sweetheart. What is pathetic and extremele lame is your desperate attemp to 'tailor up' the real Yuna's skating at Worlds to the "planned" or "hypothetical" skating of Asada, but not to the real layout that she did. That's cheat and lie that you keep parading. Compare the hypothetical Mao with the hypothetical Yuna. Why do you all keep refusing doing that and always go back to Yuna's skate at Worlds-2013? Because in this case, if you finally play fair and compare the hypotheticl Mao with the hypothetical Yuna, you will have to increase Yuna's score as well. Then all your math will become void the same instant. Or are you saying that what Yuna showed us at Worlds with her juniorish combos is the maximum of her abilities? Ha! What a royalty. Incomplete analysis? Fine. Here I am. Yuna was 4th in BV at Worlds, i.e. off the podium, behind Mao and two yesterday-junior Gold and Li. She was pulled on the podium by GOE and PCS, the scenario that we have seen a lot with PChan. Moreover, she would be 4th in BV, which is the most objective factor in scoring, at Russian Junior Nationals as well. Lol. The Olympic champion can't challenge the stuff that three junior girls at RN had power and skills to perform. Her combo of three doubles was similar to the one (2T instead of 2Lo) that Chernyshova did, who was 8th (!) RJN, but unlike Yuna she did 3Lo-2T, which has a higher BV than Yuna's 3S-2T. And, in the sight of this juniorish layout of Yuna, your conditions for Mao to beat her is to go with the heck layout with 3A, 3F-3Lo, three jump combo with first triple, etc. How fair. And how rich of you to give Mao the chance to break 70 on PCS, while the hypothetical Yuna will have 75? 80?, since if the real one had 74 . It's exactly what happened with Chan more than once- the guys had to perform 3 quads, two 3A and still they couldn't beat the Canadian who had much easier layout, not mentioning that half of it he spent with his butt on the ice. Same with Yuna, just on a smaller scale. Way easier layout with poor BV got pulled on the top of the podium by GOE and PCS. Been there, seen that.
1. I already provided how Yuna can maximize her TES score and then non of her competitors would be able to win over her etc, long time ago.

2. In last post, I already gave two possible TES score potential for Asada beating Yuna's in the both cases that she goes clean with a) what she did in worlds b) what she planned to do in Worlds. No need to repeat.

The reason why I chose Yuna's current layout is it is very likely that she will continue to do this one next season in that she did so in this worlds, and worlds 2011. Same reason for Asada, it is likely that she will go for 8 triple program in olympics, as she wanted to do so in Worlds.

3. You purposedly ignored that Yuna is doing 3Lz+3T, 3Lz, 3F in her LP. No point to make comparison within her easier combo to others.

4. Speaking of which, some skaters need to do harder jump layout to beat some other skaters with superior techniques/ or presentation skill, I don't find anything wrong/unjustifiable with that. Superior jumps should be rewarded better than average jumps as terrible jumps with mistake in landing etc. should be punished.

Since judging by basevalue is far from being objective in that it does not reflect how skaters actually executed tech elements at all, I will use TES.
(judging by basevalue makes Kostner with +50 like what? 13th in LP? absurd.)

Let's see "Yesterday-junior" Zijun Li's TES from Worlds. She attempted brilliant 7 triple program(3F+3T, 2A+3T etc), but made only one mistake.(edge call in 3Lz)
Base value : 60.60 TES : 69.41

Her TES is rightfully +3.45 points higher than Asada with 4 mistakes, +8.07 pts higher than Kostner with 2 costly mistakes.

But Zijun Li placed 4th in LP. Why? Because of PCS gap between her and those two were rather HUGE : -10.28 with Asada, -12.56 with Kostner.

Zijun Li should complete more triples cleanly than those two to even attempt to close the PCS gap. (You see who held up by PCS now? )

But I don't find it necessarily wrong, since presentation skill from those two were far better than Li.

Same logic goes with jumping ability for Asada vs Yuna/or if consistent, Kostner. Asada needs to attempt harder tech layout to close the gap between their jumping techniques represented by GOE. i.e. Even if Asada nails her jumps, she will not get same level of GOE in 3Lz, 3F, 3T within those two, rightfully so.