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Thread: What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

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    What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

    I was just wondering what the worst injury's you guys have had while skating?
    Mine was when I was doing a death drop when I did the drop I fell right onto my arm, from the air about (my coach told me) 5 feet up, right onto the ice, I broke my arm. Oh my gosh it hurt so bad! |I

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    Cinderella On Ice

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    Re: What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

    Lucky me. The whole 7 years I skated as a kid, the worst that happened is that my best friend kicked me in the leg and I needed 3 stitches. Today, as an adult, I wouldn't have blinked an eye and a butterfly bandage would have sufficed.

    But 3 months ago I was standing perfectly still, in the middle of the ice, writing notes on a footwork sequence that my coach was dictating to me. I had a brain cramp [possibly forgetting in my excitement that I was standing at all] and I did a "banana peel" fall down to the ice. Even though I didn't put my hands out to stop the fall, they smacked down so hard after my butt/legs that I fractured my left wrist.

    However, I choose not to consider it a skating injury since I wasn't skating!

    P.S. All is healed now, and I skated the whole time I had the cast on, actually "reclaiming" my axels during that period of time.

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    Re: What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

    It's been so many years now since my skating days, but I had quite a few nasty falls back then. I think the worse though was later in life when I took to the ice again as an adult skater - I fell on my knee and it took a solid year for my knee to mend and for me to regain my confidence again to step on the ice. Most humiliating as I limped off the ice!


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    Re: What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

    I am going to move this over to the Lutz Corner for further discussion. Please feel free to continue your discussion there and please try to stay injury free too!! :D

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    Worst injury

    My famous hip flexor injury has to be my worst. It has been 5 months, including 1 month of no jumping and 2 months of physical therapy, and it is still not totally healed.

    I never thought, until now, that a muscle pull could cause so many problems.

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    lil icesk8er915

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    Re: What is the worst ingury you have had when skating?

    skaterskickbutt-OUCH! That would really hurt!

    Cinderella On Ice-Wow! Your friend is mean to you! Lol! That happened to me too! But I didn't need stitches!

    sk8er1964-Wow, I hope you feel better!

    Ladskater-Ow! That hurts falling on your knees! But I'm glad you got back on the ice!

    As for my worst injuries, they are actually really stupid!

    One time I was skating and I needed my blades sharpened REALLY BAD and one of the really good skaters in our club was doing her program and I was about to be in the way. So I moved quickly over to the boards and tried to stop but I ended up tripping over my feet and crashing into the boards headfirst! It was SOO embarassing! And to make things worse my parents were there and yelled as loud as they could "HONEY ARE YOU OKAY?" Ugh.... lol!

    Another bad time was about a month ago when I got sunburned REALLY BAD. I was so burned my tummy was swelling! And when I skated on the ice it hurt to move! I know a sunburn isn't really an injury but it felt like one!

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