Lol why waste THREE jumping passes on 3A attempts? It would be like playing Angry Birds and wasting 2 birds out of 7.

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Jumping isn't even her best attribute, usually I think her step sequences are what I like best about her programs. She should concentrate less on the jumps. I'd even go so far as to say she should even do only six triples with one 3A. Concentrate more on what she does best and make it easier for her to land one huge cracking 3A per program like she did at 2010 Olympics.

(I know she did 2 in the FS then, but it was the first one that had wow factor)
? Jumps are what get you the most points. Six triples with one 3A would waste all the effort she put into fixing her jumps. It's not like she can't land her other triples. Flip, Loop, 3T, 3S she can all do cleanly, and her flutz was consistent this year. She was doing fine at her GP events apart from the 3A.